• dad bonding with baby
    Bonding With Your Newborn
    Bonding Time for Dad and Baby
    Bonding Time for Dad and Baby Anything your partner can do for your baby (except for breast-feeding), you can do, too. Among many other things, you can: Feed him from a bottle Change his diapers Give him a sponge bath (or later, a tub bath) Get ...
  • Different Bonding Styles
    Bonding With Your Newborn
    The Bunk About Bonding
    The Bunk About BondingWith stitches in the perineum and hemorrhoids rampant, postpartum moms have enough to worry about. But two Australian chaps inadvertently gave new mothers another hurdle. Researchers Marshall Klaus and John Kennell coined th...
  • Pregnancy
    Bonding With Your Newborn
    Kiss It
    Kiss ItTime 5 to 10 minutes Materials None Directions Kindness goes a long way toward healing, so when the inevitable bumps and falls happen, hug your baby and say, "Kiss it." When you kiss the hurt, say, "All better." Extensions When you hurt ...
  • Pregnancy
    Bonding With Your Newborn
    Gentle Touch
    Gentle TouchTime 5 to 10 minutes Materials None Directions Using special care handling babies sends strong messages of love and care. As you talk to your baby softly, you can pay special attention to the ways that you lift and move them to let t...
  • Babies and Toddlers
    Activities for Babies
    Blow a Kiss
    Blow a KissTime 5 minutes Materials None Directions You can teach your baby to give a gift of love as you blow a kiss to her and encourage copying blowing a kiss by spreading open your arms and saying, "Blow me a kiss." Extensions Help your bab...