• fall themed baby shower ideas
    Baby Shower
    Fall-Themed Baby Shower Ideas
    When you're looking for fall-themed baby shower ideas, you'll want to focus on warm colors and homey comforts, not necessarily the traditional pastel flowers. With seasonal changes in abundance, you won't have any trouble putting together a fall ...
    Kelly Sundstrom
  • Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gifts
    Baby Shower
    Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gifts
    When you're looking for that perfect baby shower gift for an environmentally conscious mama, it's not as easy as picking out a few things from your local big box store. Before settling for a gift certificate, check out these eco-friendly baby sho...
    Kelly Sundstrom
  • Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts for Twins
    Baby Shower
    Top 10 Gifts for Twin Babies
    Do you have a friend or family member expecting twins? Or maybe you have a couple of buns in the oven! These top gifts for twin babies will help the mama-to-be feel ready for the new arrivals. Diaper Bag for Two Photo source: Skip Hop Not al...
    Kelly Sundstrom
  • Beach Theme Baby Shower Ideas
    Beach Theme Baby Shower Ideas
    Who doesn't love a relaxing beach vacation with sun, surf, and tropical food? Even if you live in the suburbs, you can turn your backyard into a seaside resort with the right decor, activities, music, and food. Make the mama-to-be feel like she's...
    Kelly Sundstrom
  • Hanging baby clothes - one of your typical baby shower games
    Baby Shower Games
    7 Non-Cliche Baby Shower Games
    Ah, another day, another baby shower to attend. Certainly a joyous time, this popular mom-to-be celebration often involves gifts of pink or blue (or neutral), lots of excited women, and super-cute baby-themed dcor. But, let's face it. Baby showe...
    Rachel Sokol
  • Indoor Games Printables
    Baby Shower Guessing Game
    For this easy baby shower guessing game, cut out these slips and ask shower guests to fill in their guesses about the baby's birthday, weight, and more! After the baby arrives, send a small prize to the best guesser, or just collect all the ...
  • Parenting Tools Printables
    Baby Shower Registry Checklist
    Do you have all the gear you'll need for your new bundle of joy? Print this baby registry checklist to be sure you cover all your bases! Also, check out these fun baby shower game printables. ...
  • Indoor Games Printables
    Name That (Baby) Tune! Shower Game
    For this baby shower game, create a playlist of songs that have the word "baby" in the title (hint: use a mix of older and newer songs so that all players have a fair chance). Print this sheet for each guest to guess the song title and artist whi...
  • ultrasound of human fetus 36 weeks exactly
    Week 36 of Pregnancy
    You are 36 Weeks Exactly Pregnant
    Your baby todayYou may notice a change in the character of your baby's movements, reflecting the reduced amount of amniotic fluid and, consequently, space to move around in. Each movement is more likely to be felt, however, as he touches the side...