We Tested 5 Sunblocks for Mom and Here's What We Found

by: Laurie Mega
When our managing editor and in-house mom went on vacation in Israel, we sent her off with a bag of sunscreens to test. Find out which sunscreens held up under the hot, Mediterranean sun.

You know you do it. We all do.

You spend 15 minutes covering your kid in sunblock from head to toe, but you don't put any on yourself. Or, you throw on a light layer of whatever you've put on your kid before you head out the door. 

Well it's time to take care of your own skin, and we have just the motivation to do it.

Our in-house mom and managing editor, Laurie Mega, went on vacation with her family in one of the sunniest, hottest places there is: Israel. And she took a bag of sunscreens with her to test.

Watch the video and find out which sunscreens she like best, and which really kept the hot, Mediterranean sun off of her sensitive skin.

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