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    Olympic Games
    Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games
    Vancouver will host the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. How much do you know about this Canadian city? ...
  • OlympicWinterSport,SkiJump
    Events of the Winter Olympic Games
    Ice hockey, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, figure skating, and speed skating are five events that have appeared at every Winter Olympic Games since they were first held in 1924. Here's a look at those thrilling events and some other fan favor...
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    Childhood Obesity
    Twelve-Year-Old Is Gaining Weight
    It's normal for adolescent girls to become a bit chubby as they go through puberty. Find out why you should be careful not to overreact. ...
  • Meatloaf
    Picky Eaters
    15 Ways to Disguise Vegetables
    Your kid won't go near vegetables? See if you can sneak in a few here and there with some of these suggestions. ...
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    Extreme Sports
    Xtreme Sports Quiz
    Test your knowledge of extreme sports. ...
    Paul Evenson and John Gettings
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    Olympic Games
    Winter Olympic Games: Salt Lake City Recap
    Test your knowledge of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Utah. ...
    Gerry Brown
  • Early Puberty
    Early Puberty in Girls at an All-Time High
    Early Puberty in Girls at an All-Time High Kids these days are growing up too fast – literally. A recent study shows that a significant number of girls are beginning to develop breasts and hit puberty by age 7 or 8, around second grade. Often r...
    Erin Dower
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    Book Finder
    Book Finder
    Find our top picks for the best books of the year!
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    Olympic Games
    Winter Olympic History: Part 2
    Test your knowledge of the history of the Winter Olympic Games in part 2 of our quiz. ...
    Gerry Brown
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    Olympic Games
    Winter Olympics History: Part I
    Test your knowledge of the history of the Winter Olympic Games. ...
    Gerry Brown
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    Sports Events
    Wimbledon Quiz
    Wimbledon is the most prestigious competition in tennis. How much do you know about this historic tradition? ...
    John Gettings
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    Extreme Sports
    Kids and Extreme Sports
    Kids and Extreme Sports Are Team Sports Becoming Passé?Though traditional sports like football, basketball, and hockey aren't exactly going out of style, the world of so-called extreme sports keeps growing in popularity. Kids and adults alike ar...
    Kyanna Sutton
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    Olympic Games
    Turin Olympic Games
    The 2006 Winter Olympic Games were held in Turin, Italy. How much do you remember about the event? ...
    Gerry Brown
  • School and Learning
    Triple Crown Trivia
    It's one of the toughest feats in all of sports. How much do you know about horse racing's triple crown? ...
    Laura Hayes
  • FastFood,TakeoutPizza,Pizza
    Dining and Eating Out
    Don't Let Fast Food Weigh You Down
    Fast food should never be a staple in your diet, but as a busy parent, sometimes your only option for an on-the-go meal is the closest burger joint. Read on to find tips for making healthier food choices at your favorite chain -- your health (and...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • Sending a Body-Positive Message to Your Kids
    Body Image
    Why Kids Need to Hear Body-Positive Messages at Home
    Recently, I made a huge mistake. I critiqued my own looks in front of my 4-year-old daughter. It’s no secret watching your body change during pregnancy and postpartum isn’t easy. In my third trimester, with both pregnancies, I wouldn’t let...
    Rachel Sokol
  • Baby Name Finder
    Baby Names
    Baby Name Finder
    Search names and meanings in our Baby Name center.
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    Exercise and Sports
    Sports Quiz
    Do you think you know all there is to know about sports? Take this quiz to test your sporting knowledge! ...