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Busy parents looking for healthy, delicious ideas for family meals can now turn to FamilyEducation for great, new recipes.
More Than 900 Nutritious and Delicious Recipes Added to Popular Parenting Site's Food Channel

BOSTON - May 25, 2011- Busy parents looking for healthy, delicious ideas for family meals can now turn to FamilyEducation for great, new recipes. With the recent addition of more than 900 recipes to the popular parenting site's Food Channel, parents will find not only a wealth of great ideas for planning healthy family meals, but also tools for saving their favorite recipes and building shopping lists to ensure they buy all of the necessary ingredients.

These new recipes from DK, the publisher of award-winning reference books, are featured in slideshows on everything from " 10 Deliciously Different Chicken Recipes for the Grill" to "7 Savory Gluten-Free Recipes." Parents can also get great ideas for putting seasonal vegetables on the table with the slideshow "10 Tasty Spring Produce Recipes" or take their family on a culinary trip around the world with the "10 Great Recipes from Around the Globe" slideshow. In addition, foodie mommy Jessica Efird regularly shares recipes, tips and stories from her kitchen on the site's food blog, "Sweet Pea Chef."

"One of the greatest challenges facing today's parents is how to put healthy, delicious meals on the table without breaking the bank," said Jess M. Brallier, publisher, Family Education Network. "Our Food Channel gives families all of the information they need to plan and prepare great meals, ensure that everyone is getting their nutritional needs met and enjoy the important family experience of dining together."

Tools and information on FamilyEducation's Food Channel will also help parents plan healthy family meals within a budget. With the site's " Balanced Meal Planner," they can input their children's ages, genders and activity levels and quickly and easily plan menus that will meet their unique nutritional needs. The "10 Dinners for Under $10" slideshow on FamilyEducation features recipes for making delicious meals that don't cost a fortune.

A special feature on the site, " Healthy School Lunch Ideas," will help parents prepare bag lunches that will satisfy families' pickiest eaters. With the slideshow, "10 Easy Ideas for Better Bag Lunches," parents will learn how to jazz up school lunch with kebabs, roll-up sandwiches, new condiments, a salad-bar-to-go and other fun ideas.

FamilyEducation also provides parents with valuable information about the nutritional needs of their children at every age. A jam-packed section on nutrition for babies and toddlers offers insight into everything from vitamins and minerals for babies to encouraging good eating habits in toddlers. Plus, there is detailed information on breastfeeding, formula feeding and transitioning a baby to solid food. Tips for ensuring the nutritional needs of these youngest family members include "15 Ways to Disguise Vegetables" as well as advice for "Dining Out With Youngsters."

Parents of teens will find great advice for helping them make healthy choices on FamilyEducation's Food Channel. The site's " Teen Nutrition" page features articles on coping with everything from a teenager who decides to become a vegetarian to serious health challenges such as obesity, anorexia and bulimia.

And when everyone gathers for a meal, they can turn to FamilyEducation's "Table Manners and Etiquette" FAQ for tips on everything from what to do if you burp at the table to how to deal with a dining companion who is a slob.

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