Painting with Kool-Aid!

by: Christine Dvornik
With ice cubes and Kool-Aid, your child can make more than a cool drink -- she can make a piece of art!

Painting with Kool-Aid!

iMagstn.gifAge: Preschool and up
Time: 30 minutes or more
Type of activity: Arts and Crafts

Cool off on a warm summer afternoon while making a piece of Kool-Aid art.

Materials needed:
· Newspaper
· Water
· Ice cube tray
· Tooth picks
· Kool-Aid (assorted flavors/colors). You'll use one packet of each color per picture.
· White construction paper

What to do:

Step One: Fill the ice tray with water. Place a toothpick in each "cube" and keep the tray in the freezer until the ice is completely frozen.

Step Two: Place newspaper over your work area in case of spills.

Step Three: Think of a design you'd like to make, and pour the Kool-Aid powder (one color at a time) over the paper.

Step Four: Place one ice cube on the paper. Using the toothpick as a guide, glide the ice cube over the Kool-Aid.

Step Five: Add more Kool-Aid colors or designs, making sure not to saturate the paper too much (you don't want it to rip!) until your picture is complete.

Step Six: Let your picture dry, then shake any excess Kool-Aid powder off the paper.

Hang your Kool-Aid picture up for friends and family to admire!