Learning to Read: Sight Word Catcher Game

As your child is learning to read, he should recognize sight words and recognize common words in print. This reading game will help him practice his vocabulary.

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Learning Sight Words

Learning to Read: Sight Word Catcher Game

As your child begins to learn sight words, practice vocabulary, and look for high-frequency words in the world and print around her, she needs a way to do it without it feeling like work. It can be more than a little frustrating for both you and your child to use flash cards as a go-to learning tool, and it may even make your child less willing to read.

That's where a Sight Word Catcher comes in. Though to you a Sight Word Catcher might just look like a fly swatter with a hole in the middle of it, to your child it's a prop that gives her a creative way to learn those words. The practice book called for here should be a book in which the print is the size your child normally reads. You'll need to have it handy to make sure you're cutting the window of the Sight Word Catcher the correct size.

Skills Being Practiced

  • Word recognition
  • Fine motor skills

What You Need

  • Plastic fly swatter (unusually shaped or colorful is more appealing to your child)
  • Ruler or a straight edge
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Practice book
  • How to Make the Sight Word Catcher

    1. Measure and mark a rectangular frame in the middle of the fly swatter. Remember that the window needs to be able to frame one word in your child's books, so you may also want to measure the average length and height of a word in the practice book. If you're unsure how large to make the window, try marking off a 2" x 1" rectangle—that's typically the correct size.
    2. Poke your scissors in a hole near the edge of the rectangle you've drawn, and cut out the piece.
    3. Try the Sight Word Catcher out on the practice book to see if you can "catch" a word in the window.

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