Learning the Alphabet: Letter-Sound Laundry Games for Kids

Learning the alphabet means your child should recognize letters by sight and recognize letters by sound. Find out how to combine these two alphabet skills.
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Combining Letters and Sounds

Learning the Alphabet: Letter-Sound Laundry Games for Kids

Your child might be able to recognize the letters of the alphabet, and he might be able to recognize the sounds those letters make, but can he put those two skills together? Playing these games will help him make the connection between letters, the sounds they make, and hearing them in the names of everyday objects.

Skills Being Practiced

  • Letter-sound correspondence
  • Phonemic recognition
  • Fine motor skills

What You Need

  • 26 wooden clothespins
  • Permanent marker
  • Paper (optional)
  • Tape (optional)
  • Scissors (optional)

Get Ready to Play

Prepare the clothespins by writing one letter of the alphabet on each clothespin. If there's not enough space to write it with a marker, write the letters on small pieces of paper and tape them to the clothespins. Young children have a hard time with clothespins, because the small muscles in their hands aren't always developed enough to complete fine motor tasks. Don't let your child get frustrated by the clothespins—that's not the object of the game. If necessary, help him to squeeze the clothespin open.