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    Food Allergies
    5 Snack Recipes for Kids with Food Allergies
    It's hard to believe that summer is almost over and school has already begun for many children. If your child has food allergies, preparing healthy and safe snacks can be challenging. Our school asks parents to pack their children daily snacks a...
    Courtney Key
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    Healthy Pregnancy Diet
    Healthy Snack Ideas for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Moms
    When you're pregnant or nursing, you're eating nutrients for two. Your baby relies on what you eat for proper growth and development, so you need to consume more of certain nutrients. A healthy diet is essential. Snacks can be a great way to get...
    Amy Magill
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    Preparing for Back to School
    Nom Nom Nom! Top 10 Healthy, Nut-Free Snacks for School
    Are you stumped for snack ideas because your child can't eat nuts — or can't bring nuts to school due to a classmate's peanut allergy? Besides fresh fruit and veggies, learn some other easy, packable, healthy snacks that kids can bring to schoo...
    Erin Dower
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    Healthy Snacks
    14 Unhealthy "Health" Foods
    Just because a food is marketed as healthy doesn't always mean it is. From astronomical portion sizes to sugar-laden beverages, this list of 14 deceiving foods will have you re-thinking your choices the next time you're perusing the grocery aisle...
    Lindsay Hutton
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    Nutritional Information
    9 Snacks with No High-Fructose Corn Syrup
    High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is everywhere you look, from the breads you eat to the soft drinks you consume. HFCS has been linked to the obesity epidemic and the development of type two diabetes. Although it may seem impossible to avoid, the...
    Lindsay Hutton
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    Weight Management
    10 Simple Things to Improve Your Diet
    Learn 10 quick tips on how you can improve your diet for weight loss and ultimate healthiness. ...
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    Healthy Snacks
    Healthy Snack Finder
    Healthy Snacks for KidsOh, no! This page is temporarily down for maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience. Meanwhile, check out our related content while we work on getting it back up and running. Stocking Up on Smart Snacks Top 10 Snacks...
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    Healthy Snacks
    Stocking Up on Smart Snacks
    Stocking Up on Smart Snacks Most of us love to nibble in between meals. If you plan to stock up your kitchen, do so with these low-fat items: Plain popcorn kernels for air poppers Fruit and fig bars “Lite” or “reduced-fat” microwave ...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Party Snacks
    Artichoke Dip
    Artichoke Dip Artichoke dip is so simple to make and yet it gets rave reviews from company. All you need is a food processor and three ingredients to make this mouthwatering dip. Holiday Hassles Low-fat butter and mayonnaise have come a long wa...
  • Easy Packable School Lunches
    School Lunches
    Top 10 Packable Lunches Kids Love
    They want to eat: Peanut butter and fluff. Cupcakes with squiggles. Zero veggies. You want them to eat: Turkey on whole wheat. An apple. Pretzels. After dealing with back-to-school battles over homework and bedtime, many moms would rather surre...
    Katy Abel