What to Keep in Your Car for Max Efficiency This School Year

Updated: March 2, 2021
Once the school year is in full swing, your car will probably become a taxi again. Here are the essential items you can keep in your car to avoid extra stops and ensure max efficiency.
mom packing family into minivan

As soon as the school year starts up, your car will once again take on the role of taxi to and from school, appointments, activities, etc. Some days it likely feels as though you are spending more time in the car than anywhere else! These items are great to keep on hand to make sure that you are using that travel time efficiently and eliminating the need for extra stops along the way.

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checklist of items to keep in car during the school year

First Aid Supplies

Always a good idea to have on hand, from small scrapes and bruises to splinters and paper cuts, something is sure to pop up. An easy travel first aid kit that you keep stocked can easily be tucked away in a glove compartment for easy access is sure to come in handy.

Stain Remover

When you are headed off to an activity and don’t have time to soak a stain before it sets, having a quick stain remover is key. Kids are messy, whether it is their clothes or the car seat, toss a Tide-to-Go stick in your car bag and it just might save the day.

Floss/Chapstick/Hand Sanitizer/Wet Wipes

When you don’t have access to a sink, wet wipes and hand sanitizer can become your best weapon. Blast those germs between activities with a quick wipe down! Other small personal care items that you’ll be glad to have on hand are floss and extra chapstick.


There’s nothing worse than a low battery warning. In between school and activities, your children (or you) might want a quick charge on electronics before it’s out of the car and off to the next activity. Keep a spare charger easily accessible!  

Hair Supplies

Have little girls in your family? A small box of extra hair supplies can certainly be useful before heading off to dance class or soccer practice.

Extra Clothes/Shoes

Caught in the rain? Dirty from a hard day of play? In need of an extra layer? Spare clothes and shoes will cut down on your need to make an extra stop at home before it’s quickly off to the next activity.

Snacks/Water Bottles

If you want to prevent extra trips through the drive in, keeping spare snacks and water bottles for the kids is a good idea. Chances are they will be pretty hungry after school and activities.

As you spend the day shuffling your children around, don’t forget about your needs as well! Easy grab and go snacks and an extra phone charger will keep you ready for a day of playing taxi. There are great ways to keep your car organized while having a few items on hand that will prevent you from having to make multiple stops at home or spending unnecessary money out of convenience. Here’s to maximum efficiency!

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