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Dog Breeds

Dachshund or Great Dane? Get the facts to help your family decide on the most kid-friendly dog breed that will fit your particular lifestyle.

Choosing the Right Dog for You

Choosing the Right Dog for YouWhen it comes to dogs, size does make a difference. Most big dogs don't belong in an apartment, or with people who can't manage them physically. Of course, energy and temperament also enter into the picture, but think carefully about the adult size before you get the puppy. One of the saddest things I remember seeing was a sign on the shelter cage of a sweet, normal-size (meaning enormous!) one-year-old St. Bernard. The sign stated the reason his owners gave him up: “He growed too big.” read more

Choosing the Right Dog: Age and Gender

Choosing the Right Dog: Age and Gender If you're like most people, when you think of getting a new dog, you think first of puppies. And why not? What's cuter or sweeter or funnier than a little puppy? Before you rule out an older dog, though, be sure you understand that there's more to a puppy than a cute face and puppy antics. read more

Comparing Dog Breeds

Children use the data in a chart on dog breeds to answer word problems. read more

Do You Really Like Dogs?

Do You Really Like Dogs? The dog you bring home will hopefully be a part of your life for a decade or more. If you have never had a dog, or haven't had one or been around dogs for a long time, you might want to take a little time to be sure you like the reality of dogs before you take the ownership plunge. read more

Dog-Assisted Therapy

Dog-Assisted Therapy If you and your dog both like people and enjoy volunteering, you might enjoy dog-assisted therapy work. Therapy dogs come from all walks of canine life, from the tiny to the tall, from stock dogs and hunting dogs to conformation champions to simply cherished companions. Whatever their other roles in life, therapy dogs share several essential qualities—they like people and are friendly, they're reliable in unusual environments, they take things in stride, and they enjoy being petted, smooched, hugged, and talked to by all sorts of people. read more

Dogs with Other Pets

Dogs with Other Pets Dogs can and do live peacefully with all sorts of other pets, from white mice and bunny rabbits to parrots and ferrets, as well as with cats and farmyard critters. The secrets to a peaceable kingdom are patience and caution—give them time and keep them safe. read more

Is Your Family Ready for a Dog?

The idea of a little ball of fur makes most people's hearts melt, and having a dog can be a wonderful and fulfilling experience. After all, who else will shower you with unconditional love and affection, in good times and in bad? However, owning a dog also comes with many responsibilities. Before you take the plunge, check out this list of things to consider before making the commitment. read more

Looking for a New Dog After a Loss

Looking for a New Dog After a Loss Sometimes it's hard to imagine ever loving another dog as much as one you've loved and lost. We're all different in our need for time to grieve, and even in how we grieve. You will have to decide what's best for you. BowWOW The one best place to bury a good dog is in the heart of his master. —Ben Hur Lampman read more

Purebred vs. Mixed Breed

Purebred vs. Mixed Breed Doggerel A cross-bred dog is the offspring of two purebreds of different breeds. Mixed-breed (also called random-bred or, less flatteringly, a mutt or mongrel) usually refers to a dog with more than two breeds in its background. read more

Top 10 Kid-Friendly Dog Breeds

Wondering what kind of dog your family should get, or if your own furry friend is top dog? Based on hundreds of reviews submitted by our readers, we've compiled a list of the best child-friendly dog breeds along with some real-life anecdotes from parents. If you are looking for a new four-legged pal, keep in mind how much work it is and that every individual dog is different. read more

What's a Pedigree?

What's a Pedigree? If you're interested in purchasing a purebred puppy, the breeder should provide the puppy's pedigree before you make a commitment. I've heard of buyers being told that they can have the pedigree when they buy the pup. That's completely backwards! The pedigree is one of the things a serious breeder uses to plan a litter. An educated buyer looks at the pedigree when deciding whether to buy a puppy, and a responsible breeder will be proud to show you the pedigree and explain it to you. read more

What's the Best Dog Breed for Your Family?

Pups come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. Take the quiz to find the right dog breed for your family. read more