Expert Advice

  • ADHD Medications

    ADHD Medication and DrivingIt is always best to address questions about medication to your child's doctor.
  • Reading Difficulties

    Reading Disability and Driver's TestFind out how to request modifications in the written driver's test exam for someone with a documented learning disability.
  • Diversity Awareness

    Racial IssuesIt's understandable that a child might feel uncomfortable to be the only person in the classroom of a particular race.
  • College Applications

    Colleges Look for Self-StartersAn expert advises a student to reduce the number of hours in a part-time job in order to focus on other activities -- especially those of his own creation.
  • Children and Music

    Music Aspirations in High SchoolWhen a child is interested in music, it's important to let him develop his musical talent and push himself to the highest level possible.
  • Jobs and Chores

    Jobs for a Young TeenThere are many possible part-time jobs for young teenagers, but finding one can take persistence.
  • Teen Driving

    Teens and Car InsuranceOur expert believes that asking teen sons to contribute to their insurance premiums is a reasonable request.
  • College Coursework

    How to Become a News AnchorAn expert recommends which courses a student should take in college if he aspires to become a news anchor.
  • College Coursework

    So You Want to Be a Sports Agent?An expert gives some advice on which college courses will help you become a sports agent.
  • College Coursework

    Choosing a Degree Program in CounselingWhen you have a choice of degree programs in your desired field, how should you decide which one to take? Here's some helpful advice.
  • Life After College

    Private College vs. State SchoolWhen it comes to finding a job after graduating, what you did in college can often be more important than which school you went to.
  • Career Paths

    Reality Check for a ChildHelp a child to hold onto her dreams, but tend to the real world as well.
  • Driving Safety

    Driving and ADHDTeenagers with ADHD are four times more likely than other kids to have accidents while driving.
  • Teens and Money

    Teen Gave an Expensive GiftPart of your responsibility as a parent is to teach your child financial responsibility.
  • Summer Jobs

    Teen Wants a Summer JobA mother is reluctant to let her 15-year-old take a summer job.
  • Summer Jobs

    Finding Your Teen a Summer JobA mother asks whether it is reasonable to expect her 15-year-old to take a summer job.
  • Teens and Money

    Daughter Wants Expensive ClothesYour daughter can put you on a "guilt trip," but you don't have to buy a ticket to ride.
  • Driving Safety

    Parents Forbid Riding in Cars with FriendsIt's not only the inexperience of teenage drivers that contributes greatly to teen auto accidents, but also how teens behave with their peers in a car.
  • Jobs and Chores

    First Teen JobTeens who begin working early in their adolescence learn firsthand the pride and sense of responsibility that paid work outside the home can bring.
  • Teenage Behaviors

    Best Friend's Mother Too ExtravagantWhat should someone do when the mother of her son's best friend makes extravagant purchases for her son?