Expert Advice

  • Drugs and Alcohol

    Daughter's Email Mentions DrugsA parent is upset upon discovering references to buying and using drugs in her daughter's email.
  • Changing Hormones

    Mood Swings in Sixth-Grade GirlThis girl is going through the mood swings that accompany the bodily and hormone changes of puberty.
  • Teen Depression

    Friend Is Cutting HerselfThe school counselor and/or nurse should be able to advise the best way to handle this situation. It's important to avoid breaking the girl's trust.
  • Communicating With Teens

    Daughter Refuses to Go to SchoolWhen a child refuses to go to school, the lines of communication need to be opened up.
  • Emotional and Mental Health

    Former "A" Student Now Unpopular and FailingA dramatic change in a gifted teen's academic performance and emotional state should be a red flag.
  • Sibling Relationships

    Depressed After Brother Leaves for CollegeA parent asks how to help her younger son deal with his brother going off to college.
  • Coping With Giftedness

    Music, Sports, and More: How Much is Too Much?Gifted children may exhibit talents in a variety of areas and have a voracious appetite for learning. But they also need free time to unwind and to just "hang out."
  • Transition to Middle School

    The Pressures of Middle SchoolThe move to middle school can be tough, even for the best of students.
  • Teen Depression

    Asking for Help with DepressionSevere depression requires the help of loved ones and professional assistance.
  • Teen Depression

    Parents Shocked by Daughter's DepressionBeing bright and having loving parents and a beautiful home won't necessarily immunize teenagers from low self-esteem and depression.
  • Peer Influence and Peer Pressure

    Conflicting Parenting StylesIf you feel your child is not safe with a friend, you have every right to tell that friend's parents.
  • Mother/Daughter Relationships

    Trusting Your TeenHow can you trust your daughter if she is not trustworthy? You should set the expectations, boundaries, and consequences for study and dating.
  • Peer Influence and Peer Pressure

    Being PopularIt's a good idea to have conversations with a child about what it means to be popular. Girls in their early teens often worry too much about popularity.
  • Peer Influence and Peer Pressure

    "All My Friends Get to..."Stick to your beliefs and don't allow other parents to sway you when you're setting the rules for your children.
  • Teen Depression

    Daughter Wants to See TherapistA daughter's call for help concerns her mother.
  • Suicide Prevention

    Friend Confides Suicide PlansIf a friend reveals suicide plans in confidence, what should you do?
  • Anxiety Disorders

    Psychosomatic TroubleWhen your daughter's worries are making her sick, that's an illness as real as anything else.
  • LD Children and Self-Esteem

    Fifteen-Year-Old Has BreakdownWhen your teen is in a downward spiral, it's time to take action.
  • Teen Depression

    Teen DepressionA mother seeks advice on how to help her daughter manage her depression.
  • Communicating With Teens

    Belly Button PiercingA 13-year-old wants to get a belly button piercing, but you can say "no" to a tween without having reasons to back you up.