Expert Advice

  • Teens and Dating

    Is 13 Too Young to Date?Very few parents let their 13-year-olds date, but parents can placate their kids with coed get-togethers.
  • Teen Sex

    Mother Finds Sexual Notes to DaughterOur expert suggests ways a mother can help a child deal with unwanted sexual overtures.
  • Homosexual Teens

    Teen Thinks He's GayA mother seeks help in dealing with her feelings and advising her son, after learning that he is gay.
  • Sexuality

    Teen Fears That He's a PedophileOne incident does not make a teen a pedophile, but it does indicate the need for a discussion with a skilled, compassionate therapist.
  • Friendships

    Affectionate Five-Year-OldA mother worries that her five-year-old's displays of affection toward his friends are inappropriate.
  • Dealing With Bullies

    Eleven-Year-Old Called GayWhat used to be unheard of in elementary school is now common practice -- taunting and bullying based on actual or perceived sexual orientation.
  • Changing Hormones

    Mood Swings in Sixth-Grade GirlThis girl is going through the mood swings that accompany the bodily and hormone changes of puberty.
  • Teens and Dating

    Father Won't Let 16-Year-Old DateAttempts to control a 16-year-old by forbidding her from doing natural, healthy things that are part of her growth and development may backfire.
  • Teens and Dating

    Should 14-Year-Old Talk to Boys on the Phone?Talking on the phone is a privilege, not a right. Whether teens are talking to boys or girls on the phone, the rules should be the same.
  • Teens and Dating

    Daughter Says Mom Won't Take Her SeriouslyMany parents respond to the appearance of love lives in their teenagers by clicking into fear and the memories of their own teenage romantic experiences.
  • Teens and Dating

    Daughter Seeing Older BoyA mother is concerned about the relationship between a 17-year-old boy and her 14-year-old eighth-grader.
  • Teen Sex

    Teen Considering Having Sex with BoyfriendA 17-year-old fears she may lose her boyfriend, who is leaving for college, unless she has sex with him.
  • Teens and Dating

    When Should a Teen Start Dating?A teen should not start dating until he or she feels comfortable with it, which can vary from person to person.
  • Sexuality

    Mother Fears Early SexualityWhen a 12-year-old begins exploring her sexuality, it's time to put the brakes on.
  • Changes During Puberty

    I Need Help! Is my penis too small for my age?A 14-year-old wonders if his penis is too small for his age, and if he's developing too slowly. Our expert answers his questions.
  • Sibling Relationships

    Should Sister and Brother Share a Bedroom?Find out what our expert has to say about a nine-year-old girl and a six-year-old boy sharing a bedroom.
  • Menstruation

    The Pill for Irregular Periods?It would be ill-advised to "treat" an irregular period with birth control pills, just for convenience. Find out why.
  • Early Puberty

    Premature Puberty?When premature puberty is suspected, it's reasonable to take your child to see her physician.
  • Sexuality

    Dealing with MasturbationParents should avoid creating a sense of guilt for a child who masturbates, as it is a perfectly normal aspect of development.
  • Acne

    Treatment for AcneMost cases of acne can be controlled and cleared up, either by over-the-counter products or prescriptions from a doctor.