Expert Advice

  • Concerns About Homeschooling

    Questions About Time Spent and Tests Given in HomeschoolingEvery family approaches homeschooling differently. For parents who wish to have their children tested, standardized tests are available throughout the year, depending on the grade and type of test.
  • Helping With Homework

    Homework Hassles!Our expert suggests how to keep a child on-task with his homework.
  • Gifted Education

    Gifted and BoredOur expert offers a number of suggestions to a gifted high-schooler who complains of boredom.
  • Gifted Education

    Talking About Testing with My ChildParents often need to reassure a child in a low-key manner before testing, but should never force a reluctant child.
  • Underachieving

    Middle-Schooler's Grades SlippingSlipping grades might indicate a bigger problem than learning to adjust to middle school.
  • Teacher/Child Relationships

    My Son's Teacher Is Too ToughThe attitude you have about your child's teacher can affect your child's success with that teacher.
  • Grade Advancement

    Skip First Grade?Skipping first grade is not usually advisable.
  • Grades

    Freshman Grades Were TerribleWhen a student is embarrassed by his freshman year performance, he needs to perform a self-exam of his academic year.
  • Behavior Issues

    Out of Control at SchoolTalk to your pediatrician first if your child seems to be out of control at school.
  • Central Auditory Processing Disorder

    CAPD Testing and RetentionOur expert answers a mother's questions about CAPD and retention.
  • Holding Your Child Back

    Summer Tutoring or Retention?Finding help for a struggling student can be as simple as a summer tutor.
  • Holding Your Child Back

    Son Wants to Be RetainedMost children do not "catch up" when held back. Retention won't turn them into successful students unless the reasons for their continuing struggles are addressed.
  • Underachieving

    Honor Roll Student Now Failing to Complete HomeworkOur expert advises a parent to help her underachieving son understand his responsibilities for completing homework.
  • Gifted Education

    Should Three-Year-Old Get IQ Test?Intelligence tests are not considered valid on a child less than five years old.
  • Preschool Expectations

    Another Year of Preschool?Find out what benefits another year of preschool might have for a four-year-old.
  • Test-Taking Abilities

    Test TroubleLearn tips to help your child prepare for a test.
  • Teacher/Child Relationships

    ADHD and SchoolworkLearn what you can do when you suspect that your child's teacher has given up on him.
  • Dyslexia

    Dyslexia and RetentionA child who is happy, well adjusted, and performing on grade level, even if that is below the class average, should move up with his class.
  • Holding Your Child Back

    Son Is Not Ready to GraduateA mother disagrees with the administrators of her son's school, who believe he has received a "fair and appropriate public education" and should graduate.
  • 8th Grade Milestones and Obstacles

    Stepson Is Failing Eighth GradeThe best response is to back off and expect your stepson to take responsibility for his schoolwork.