Expert Advice

  • 6th Grade Homework

    Sixth-Grade HomeworkHomework can increase dramatically in sixth grade. Here's what you should do.
  • Setting Goals

    Preschool and HomeschoolingAdvice from a homeschooling expert on a child who goes to preschool and receives schooling at home.
  • Early Decision

    Applying to College Early DecisionTo determine if your child has a strong chance for acceptance under the early-decision process, carefully study the profiles of students who are accepted.
  • Spelling

    Daily Spelling HelpLearn what you can do to help a child who is struggling with spelling.
  • Writing

    Fourth-Grade Writing TroublesIf your fourth-grader is having trouble putting more than four words together in a sentence, it's time to have a teacher conference.
  • Kindergarten Readiness

    Kindergarten Screening TestsKindergarten screening tests are not always reliable testing instruments.
  • Skill-Building Activities

    Second-Grader Just Wants to PlayTake advantage of your child's desire to play by incorporating skill-building games in his daily routine.
  • Preschool Expectations

    Another Year of Preschool?Find out what benefits another year of preschool might have for a four-year-old.
  • 4th Grade Math

    He Hates MathLearn why your child is having difficulties with math, and what you can do to help him.
  • 8th Grade Milestones and Obstacles

    Stepson Is Failing Eighth GradeThe best response is to back off and expect your stepson to take responsibility for his schoolwork.
  • 7th Grade Homework

    Unmonitored Seventh-Grader Needs SupportWhen parents' work schedules make them unavailable to their child, a big brother, a mentor, or an after-school program can provide support.
  • 7th Grade Homework

    Seventh-Grader Won't Turn in HomeworkThe only way any of us learn is through experience and tough consequences. Unfortunately, some kids have to experience the consequences.
  • 6th Grade Homework

    Sixth-Grader Struggling with SchoolworkA lack of organizational skills is typical in sixth grade, but learning to be organized is crucial to a child's success now and throughout his life.
  • Legal Guidelines for Homeschooling

    High-School Diploma for HomeschoolerThere are many correspondence and independent study programs that can help your daughter obtain an accredited diploma.
  • Gifted Education

    Parent Fears Kindergarten Will Be Too EasyIf your child is gifted, you should meet with the classroom teacher as early as possible in the year.
  • Preschool Expectations

    Preschooler Lacks Interest in SchoolworkThis expert feels that you should not push your preschooler to do academic activities he's not ready for.
  • Reading Difficulties

    Young Readers and Oral ExpressionHere are exercises you can do at home to strengthen your child's oral reading skills.
  • Gifted Education

    Should Advanced Preschooler Skip Kindergarten?Gifted preschoolers may appear to be taking in a great deal of data, but they may not truly comprehend it or use it in a gifted manner.
  • Grades

    Seventh-Grader Can't Bring Grades UpSeventh grade is a very tough transition year, and often students and their parents have to change the way they approach studying.
  • Grades

    Eighth-Grader's Grades Are DroppingThis child appears to be manifesting a typical eighth-grade, second-quarter trait -- feeling that "it won't happen to me and I don't need any help."