Expert Advice

  • Lying

    How to Handle Lying IncidentTeens will always try to outwit everyone and distract the adults from the main issue. Set consequences for bad behavior and stick to them.
  • Fostering Independence

    Eighth-Grader Is Not Working at Her PotentialYou need to let your daughter do it her own way, even if that means squeaking by or failing.
  • Fostering Independence

    Ten-Year-Old Won't Do as She's AskedThis situation describes a very normal adolescent phenomenon called independence, or "I will do it my way."
  • Coping With Giftedness

    Artistically Talented, but UnmotivatedIt is not at all unusual for gifted kids to immerse themselves in a single subject or interest to the exclusion of other topics.
  • Coping With Giftedness

    Gifted College Student Doing PoorlyA low energy level, poor study skills, and emotional issues all demand intervention.
  • Leaving Home

    Teen Wonders When to Move OutOur expert applauds a teen's efforts to seek independence and not to become complacent about living with his parents.
  • Chores

    Nine-Year-Old Has Trouble with Job CompletionJobs are easier to complete if they are divided into short, manageable tasks.
  • Sleep

    Daughter Fearful of OvernightsA sudden change in willingness to leave home should be a red flag that the child experienced something frightening during an overnight.
  • Fostering Independence

    Sudden DependenceWhat should you do when an independent child suddenly turns clingy?
  • Lying

    Gifted Eight-Year-Old Is LyingLying is common behavior in children, but it can be a serious problem. Ask yourself: How frequently does this behavior occur?
  • Fostering Independence

    Fostering IndependenceChildren should become more independent as they grow.
  • Fostering Independence

    Living ResponsiblyAt what age should children begin to set goals, use their time wisely, and save money?
  • Paying for College

    Financial Responsibility and Higher EducationA parent wants to teach his son financial responsibility, but is not sure how much to help with tuition for college and beyond.
  • Empathy

    Teaching EmpathyThere are things parents can do to help their self-focused child learn to be empathetic.
  • Coping With Giftedness

    Mom Tired of NaggingA child needs to understand the concept of personal responsibility before you let him "fly without a net."
  • Behavioral Problems

    An Uncooperative ChildProvide structure for a child who is being uncooperative.
  • Empathy

    Teach Gifted Children EmpathyAdvanced children often grow impatient with those who aren't as adept as them. Be sure to teach them the lesson of empathy.
  • Overnight Camp

    Summer Camp FearsA parent wonders whether she should encourage her reluctant son to go to overnight summer camp.
  • Preparing for College

    Postponing CollegeFar too many kids go straight to college because their families expect it of them.
  • Teens and Dating

    Sixteen and Not Allowed to DateA teenager who is not allowed to date seeks advice on how to change her parents' mind.