Expert Advice

  • Benefits of Homeschooling

    Homeschooling a Would-Be AthleteLinda Dobson's book <I>Homeschoolers' Success Stories</I> is filled with reports of athletes, artists, musicians, and others who were able to pursue their passions and achieve academic success through homeschooling.
  • Basketball

    Basketball Coach Won't Let Boy PlayWhat can a parent do when the basketball coach won't let all members of the team play?
  • Childhood Obesity

    Twelve-Year-Old Is Gaining WeightIt's normal for adolescent girls to become a bit chubby as they go through puberty. Find out why you should be careful not to overreact.
  • Children's Nutritional Needs

    Protein Requirements for Nine-Year-OldSince protein can be found in a variety of foods, it makes it easy to meet the recommended daily allowance in the diet.
  • Children's Nutritional Needs

    Stepson Won't Eat VegetablesFor a child's health -- physical and mental -- vegetables have to be an important part of his diet.
  • Physical Education

    Gym ClassFind out why your child is averse to gym class.
  • Exercise and Sports

    Getting into SportsThe pressure to excel athletically can sometimes discourage young children from taking up sports.
  • Gifted Education

    Gifted Kids and CompetitionCompetition -- whether in sports, academics, or the arts -- can show any person how to deal with both success and defeat.
  • Gifted Education

    Son Hates Failure, Loves CompetitionIt's sometimes hard for gifted kids to learn that they can't always win, and it's better if this lesson is learned early.
  • Children's Nutritional Needs

    Soy Formula as Alternative to Breast MilkSoy formulas may be an appropriate alternative for full-term infants whose nutritional needs are not being met by breast-feeding or cow milk protein formulas.
  • Childhood Obesity

    Eleven-Year-Old Is Too HeavyGet advice on how to help an 11-year-old control her weight.
  • Picky Eaters

    Picky EaterGet tips on how to encourage a six-year-old to eat a greater variety of foods.
  • Good Sportsmanship

    Positive Feedback in SportsHow can you keep your child grounded when he gets overly excited about his athletic performance, but still provide positive feedback?
  • Extreme Sports

    Is Paintball Dangerous for Kids?Giving kids money and the okay to shoot people with guns is unwise.
  • Girls and Sports

    Daughter Less Competitive in Little LeagueA mother wonders if she should be concerned that her 12-year-old's participation in Little League hasn't been competitive this year.
  • Exercise and Sports

    Encouraging Children to Join SportsEfforts to encourage a child to play organized sports by signing him up will not help him develop a sense of autonomy.
  • Sibling Rivalry

    Athletic Son Getting More AttentionParents must be careful not to allow their star athletes to consider themselves better or more deserving than others simply because they are exceptional in this one arena.
  • Eating Habits

    Children and DietsMy child loves to eat. Should he be on a diet?
  • Exercise and Sports

    Exercise for Weight LossTo help a child achieve a healthy weight, creating healthy eating habits and increasing the level of physical activity are necessary. Exercise should become a routine part of the child's day, like brushing teeth.
  • Exercise and Sports

    Teenager Wants to Lose More WeightOur expert advises a teenager to try exercise, rather than dieting.