Expert Advice

  • Coping With ADHD

    ADHD and Mentally DisabledRead some suggestions on how to help a child who is mentally disabled and ADHD.
  • Concerns About Homeschooling

    Should I Homeschool My Child with ADHD and ODD?The deciding factor in homeschooling success is not a college degree or specialized training. It is the firm belief that your child can and will succeed.
  • Facts About Lds

    LD and DepressionLearn what to do when you suspect depression in your child with LD.
  • Depression

    Former Teacher Worried About Depressed StudentThe best thing this teacher can do is encourage the former student and his parents to seek professional counseling.
  • Teenage Behaviors

    Son Blames Parents for His ProblemsA skilled professional therapist/psychologist would never allow or encourage a child to blame his parents for his misfortunes and pain.
  • Behavioral Problems

    Eleven-Year-Old Is Out of ControlOur expert recommends comprehensive treatment, including intensive therapy for a troubled 11-year-old.
  • Signs and Symptoms of ADHD

    Five-Year-Old Is ADHD and OppositionalFind out what steps to take when your child is exhibiting oppositional-defiant behaviors.
  • Gifted Education

    Bright Child Has Tourette's and Poor GradesWhen there is a neurological disorder, falling grades may be due to a physical problem.
  • Coping With Giftedness

    Gifted, Anxious, and DepressedA mother seeks advice on how to help her gifted child deal with depression and anxiety.
  • Childhood Illnesses

    Still's DiseaseFind out about Still's Disease, a form of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA), which is a connective tissue disease.
  • Tourette's Syndrome

    Do Tics Indicate Tourette's Syndrome?If you fear that certain tics in your child may indicate Tourette's Syndrome, schedule an examination by his doctor.
  • Eczema

    Eczema Flare-ups and FoodCertain foods have been known to aggravate children's eczema, such as eggs, milk, wheat products, and soy.
  • Ear Infections

    Ear Infection Without a Fever?There are two types of ear infections -- otitis media (a middle ear infection) and otitis externa ("swimmer's ear," or an infection of the external ear canal). There is normally no fever with otitis externa.
  • Children's Medications

    Persistent Cough in InfantMost over-the-counter cold medicines do not work very well in babies, and they can have noticeable side effects.
  • Sleep

    Daughter Fearful of OvernightsA sudden change in willingness to leave home should be a red flag that the child experienced something frightening during an overnight.
  • General Nutrition

    Overweight DaughtersWhen children are overweight, it's more important to focus on good health and good nutrition than on losing weight.
  • Teen Depression

    Asking for Help with DepressionSevere depression requires the help of loved ones and professional assistance.
  • Bipolar Disorder

    Is My Daughter Bipolar?A complete psychological evaluation can rule out serious emotional problems, but it's also helpful to learn all you can about good parenting.
  • Coping With Giftedness

    Is Giftedness Linked to GAD?There is not much research at this point that examines the possible connection between generalized anxiety disorder and giftedness.
  • Teen Depression

    Daughter Wants to See TherapistA daughter's call for help concerns her mother.