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Protein Requirements for Nine-Year-Old

Since protein can be found in a variety of foods, it makes it easy to meet the recommended daily allowance in the diet. read more

Iron-Rich Foods

Find out what non-meat foods contain iron. read more

Stepson Won't Eat Vegetables

For a child's health -- physical and mental -- vegetables have to be an important part of his diet. read more

Overweight Daughters

When children are overweight, it's more important to focus on good health and good nutrition than on losing weight. read more

Iron Supplement Is Causing Constipation

A mother asks if there is any way to give her daughter supplemental iron and combat constipation at the same time. read more

Wean from Formula to Soy Milk or Whole Milk?

A mother wants to know whether soy milk is preferable to whole cow's milk. read more

Children's Vitamins and Colds

Find out when it's advisable to give a four-year-old vitamin supplements. read more

Constipation and Iron

Does the iron that is in infant formulas cause constipation? read more

Soy Formula as Alternative to Breast Milk

Soy formulas may be an appropriate alternative for full-term infants whose nutritional needs are not being met by breast-feeding or cow milk protein formulas. read more

How Much Iron Do Youngsters Need?

Learn how much iron kids need and the best way to increase their intake of iron. read more

Which Type of Milk Is Best?

Our expert explains the differences between types of milk, and how to choose the right one for your family. read more

Vitamin D Deficiency

If your child isn't taking any milk, how can you be sure that he's getting enough vitamin D? read more

Kids and Vitamins

Find out what our expert has to say about vitamin supplementation for kids. read more

Are Presweetened Cereals Better?

Our expert weighs in on the issue of presweetened cereals. read more

Daughter Won't Eat Meat

Find out how you can make sure that a child who won't eat meat gets enough protein. read more

Son Won't Drink Milk

When your child refuses to drink regular milk, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. read more