Expert Advice

  • Heart Problems

    Surgery for a Small VSD?There are several factors that a cardiologist considers when deciding whether to recommend surgery or a more conservative treatment for a child with a ventricular septal defect (VSD).
  • Illnesses and Diseases

    Glucosamine and Osgood-Schlatter DiseaseThere is no published research on the effectiveness of chondroitin or glucosamine for the treatment of Osgood-Schlatter disease.
  • Weight Loss Programs

    Daughter Losing FriendsAn expert outlines steps a parent can take to help her overweight and unpopular youngster.
  • Weight Loss Programs

    Lazy 13-Year-OldA boy who weighs 250 pounds may be seriously jeopardizing his health. He needs to start exercising!
  • Teen Depression

    Parents Shocked by Daughter's DepressionBeing bright and having loving parents and a beautiful home won't necessarily immunize teenagers from low self-esteem and depression.
  • Gifted Education

    Gifted, Perfectionist, and StressedChildren can be given specific instruction on how to calm down and relax.
  • Kindergarten Readiness

    Overwhelmed in KindergartenWhen young children are exposed to new experiences, it's perfectly normal for them to feel shy and even overwhelmed.
  • Behavioral Problems

    Maintaining a Positive AttitudeMake sure to focus on the positive, even when your child is acting up.
  • Life After College

    Dealing with Post-College StressThis article provides general suggestions for dealing effectively with stress of all kinds.
  • Heart Problems

    Heart MurmursMany kids have murmurs heard by the doctor, but not all types are necessarily a problem.
  • Dealing With Bullies

    Overweight Teen Being TeasedWhen your teen's "friend" is making cruel remarks, don't be afraid to step in and seek a meeting with his parents.
  • Lyme Disease

    Avoiding Lyme DiseaseTo avoid Lyme disease, be sure to look for ticks on your children <I>every day</I>.
  • Lyme Disease

    Vaccine for Lyme DiseaseThere is a vaccine available for Lyme disease, but it cannot be given to children under the age of 15.
  • Strength Training

    Kids and Weight LiftingWeight training should be avoided until the teen years are over, but an 11-year-old can begin <i>strength</i> training.
  • Medications

    Motion SicknessLearn a number of things that you can do to try to head off motion sickness.
  • Body Image

    Teens and Body ImageIt's <I>not</I> normal insecurity for a healthy, developing teenager to be disgusted by her physical appearance.
  • Exercise Safety

    Gym Teacher Won't Let Kids Drink WaterFind out why there is a critical need for water during exercise, and how you can ensure your child gets it.
  • Teen Socializing and Self-Expression

    Teen Wants to Pierce NavelIf your daughter won't agree to getting a belly button piercing under safe medical conditions, I would refuse to allow it to be done.
  • Dealing With Stress

    Fifth-Grader Suffers from Homework StressSomething is wrong when a child starts having stomach pains in response to the stress of schoolwork.
  • Exercise and Sports

    Teenager Wants to Lose More WeightOur expert advises a teenager to try exercise, rather than dieting.