Expert Advice

  • Kids and Video Games

    TV and Video GamesWhat's a reasonable amount of time for a child to spend watching television and playing video games?
  • Educational Websites

    Getting Books on Tape Through the InternetOur expert recommends some helpful website for getting books on tape.
  • Educational Websites

    What Is Cyberschooling?Cyberschooling -- learning on the Internet -- is not separate from homeschooling, but rather one more choice available to those who choose to learn at home.
  • Kids and Tv

    Limiting TV TimeMedia habits begin as early as one or two years of age, so setting TV limits early in life can help to avoid battles later.
  • Tv Addiction

    Too Much TV and Computers?If your son is addicted to video games and TV, you may need to get him involved in social activities.
  • Internet Safety

    Online SafetySafety trumps issues of confidentiality when it comes to telling another parent that their child is visiting harmful web sites.
  • Homeschooling Support

    Homeschooling in EnglandContact the Home Education Advisory Service for general homeschool information in England. There is also a website with links to support groups.
  • Kids and Tv

    Reading Takes a Backseat to TV and ComputerDon't be afraid to turn off the TV! Limit time on the computer to half an hour. But don't force the reading issue or your child will rebel.
  • Internet Safety

    Setting Internet RulesOnce the Internet rules have been laid out and violated, parents need to follow through on the consequences that they set up for their children.
  • Internet Facts

    Too Many Hours at the Computer?Potential problems have been noted for the many children who spend hours at school and at home in front of a computer.
  • Internet Safety

    Monitoring Child's Internet UseHaving a second screen that mirrors what appears on your son's computer is an excellent way of monitoring Internet use.
  • Internet Safety

    Son Used Profanity OnlineWhat's the best way to handle the situation when your son is caught using profanity online?
  • Sex and Violence in the Media

    Violence on TelevisionA parent wonders whether violent TV programming will have a negative influence on her six-year-old?
  • Preteen and Tween Behavior

    Preteen Wants to Dress Like Britney SpearsShould a 12-year-old girl to be wearing make-up or clothing that mimics an entertainer like Britney Spears?
  • Internet Safety

    Son Spends Too Much Time on ComputerIt's not a healthy practice for a child to spend three to five hours per day on the computer.
  • Scary Movies

    Eight-Year-Old Watching Horror FilmsShould an eight-year-old be permitted to watch horror movies?
  • Social Networking

    Dangers of Personal WebsitesPersonal websites can indeed provide a method whereby child sexual predators gain access to kids.
  • Professional Wrestling

    Should Kids Be Allowed to Watch TV Wrestling?Our expert believes there is no redeeming value to the wrestling found on TV these days.
  • Internet Pornography

    Keeping Kids Away from Internet PornA child who won't follow the rules about Internet use should face the consequences: no computer use at all.
  • Internet Safety

    Protecting Children from Older Men in Chat RoomsStep one in avoiding chat room problems is to succeed at some form of authentic communication with your child.