Expert Advice

  • Fine-Motor Skills

    Poor Handwriting Due to Motor Skill ProblemsHow can you go about getting your child's school to perform motor skills testing?
  • Reading to Your Toddler

    Speech Therapy at HomeReading to your child may be one of the best forms of speech therapy.
  • Gifted Education

    Gifted Boy Lacks Fine Motor SkillsIt is very possible to have a gifted child who is verbally/linguistically gifted, but delayed in fine motor skill development.
  • Facts About Lds

    Perceptual Motor ProblemsVisual motor problems require special accommodations in the classroom.
  • Nightmares

    NightmaresYou never know what might give your child nightmares, but the solution is constant encouragement.
  • Bedwetting

    Bed Wetting in Five-Year-OldNighttime bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) is common among children age six and younger.
  • Night Terrors

    Two-Year-Old Having Night TerrorsNight terrors happen when a child (usually a toddler) arouses from a deep sleep without totally waking up. The best thing to do is try to keep your daughter asleep.
  • Signs of Giftedness

    Testing Bilingual Kids for GiftednessA psychologist or diagnostician must determine the child's preferred language and conduct a language assessment before proceeding with testing for giftedness.
  • Resources for Gifted Education

    Foreign Languages and English GrammarExposure to more than one language will reinforce mastery of syntax for gifted students.
  • 'Bad' Habits

    When a Child Is a DawdlerDawdling at any age is not normal behavior. It is learned behavior.
  • Speech

    Speech Problems and HomeschoolingMost books on speech development mention seven as the cutoff age, but eight or even nine may be more accurate.
  • Motivating Homeschooled Children

    Teaching Four-Year-OldsAs one mother put it, "When my five-year-old daughter sits down at the table to learn, her mind just shuts down." At four years old, a child is too young for this type of learning.
  • Speech

    Homeschooling and Speech DisabilitySpeech programs tend not to be particularly helpful. Maturity is the biggest factor for attaining clear speech.
  • Kindergarten Readiness

    Separation Anxiety in KindergartenerWhen being at school all day makes a child depressed, try to reassure him of your confidence in him.
  • Developmental Delay

    Speech Problem in 22-Month-Old?A child who is jabbering away unintelligibly may be unable to produce speech sounds.
  • Vitamins and Supplements

    Children's Vitamins and ColdsFind out when it's advisable to give a four-year-old vitamin supplements.
  • Establishing Schedules and Curriculum

    When to Start HomeschoolingIf a child is able to interact with his world in a "joyful manner," this expert deems him ready for homeschooling.
  • Saying Bad Words

    Bathroom TalkAn increased interest in bathroom behavior and talk is normal for children at certain stages of development, but don't let it get out of hand.
  • Social Development

    Retention Because of Shyness?Retention decisions should not be made quickly. Investigate the issues before a decision is made.
  • Reading to Your Toddler

    Reading Resources for a PreschoolerThe best thing to do for young children who want to "read" is to read, read, read to them. You can also play word games.