Expert Advice

  • Immunizations and Vaccines

    RotaTeq Vaccine Prevents Diarrhea in ChildrenThe RotaTeq vaccine is recommended as part of routine childhood immunization in the U.S.
  • Doctor's Visits

    Going to the Doctor's AloneOur expert believes that age 12 is too young to go to the doctor alone, particularly for a physical.
  • Teething and Dental Care

    Eleven-Month-Old Hasn't Cut TeethThe first tooth usually erupts (come through the gums) between 5 to 7 months, although it can be as early as 3 months and as late as 15 months. At 11 months of age, you need not worry that your nephew has not cut any teeth.
  • SIDs

    Immunizations and SIDSA mother asks whether there is no link between immunizations and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
  • Vaccine Schedule

    Are Extra Doses of Vaccines Harmful?Learn whether it is harmful to give extra doses of the routine childhood vaccines, and how you can prevent that from happening.
  • Heart Problems

    Heart MurmursMany kids have murmurs heard by the doctor, but not all types are necessarily a problem.
  • Car Seats

    Infants in Car SeatsFind out how long a child should be kept in a rear-facing car seat.
  • Immunizations and Vaccines

    Prevnar Vaccine for Toddler?Prevnar (PCV7) is approved for routine administration to all children less than two years of age, beginning at two months of age.
  • Baby Hearing

    Hearing Problem Suspected in InfantLearn what steps to take if you suspect hearing loss in your infant.
  • Baby and Toddler Health Issues

    Is It Okay for Toddlers to Take Sips of Wine and Beer?Is it ever acceptable to let a two-year-old sip wine and beer?
  • Rashes

    Baby AcneThere are three common rashes that babies can have in the first few months of life. Find out when you should have a rash checked.
  • Colic

    Treating ColicParents need lots of teaching and support in dealing with colic.
  • Teething and Dental Care

    Easing Teething PainGiving a baby something hard to chew on can help to ease teething pain.
  • Crying Baby

    Can Crying Cause a Hernia?A mother fears that allowing her baby to cry for longer than five minutes might cause a hernia.
  • Thrush

    ThrushThrush is an overgrowth of yeast in the mouth, and it's common in infants under a year of age. Learn how to treat it.
  • General Care and Hygiene

    Labial AdhesionsLabial adhesions are a very common condition in girls. Here's how to tell when treatment is needed.
  • Immunizations and Vaccines

    Do We Have to Get Flu Shots Every Year?A yearly flu shot is the best way to protect yourself against the types of influenza expected each year.
  • Immunizations and Vaccines

    Should Immunization Be Delayed?Learn whether it is safe to administer live vaccines to a child while his mother is pregnant.
  • Bathing Babies and Toddlers

    Circumcision and Penile Adhesions in InfantIf a small amount of foreskin remains, it is appropriate to gently pull it back each day during a bath or diaper change. Sometimes the surfaces of skin do stick to each other, resulting in adhesions. These adhesions can be pulled apart with gentle pressure.
  • Baby and Toddler Health Issues

    Urinary Tract Infections in InfantsIn very young babies, urinary tract infections are generally caused by bacteria germs that reach the urinary tract via the bloodstream.