Expert Advice

  • Adjusting to Daycare

    When to Start Day CareMost experts advise waiting as long as possible before putting your child into day care.
  • Choosing a Daycare

    In-Home Care vs. Commercial Daycare CentersIn-home care and commercial daycare centers are quite different in many aspects.
  • Childhood Illnesses

    My Children Got Sick at Day CareWhat actions should you take when your children get sick at day care?
  • Abusive Childcare

    Cameras in Daycare FacilitiesWeb cameras that allow parents to observe their children's daycare center can foster peace of mind.
  • Hiring a Nanny/Babysitter

    Questions to Ask Potential NanniesPre-employment questions are low-tech, easy tests you can perform when screening someone to take care of your kids.
  • Anger and Aggression

    Nanny Leaves Kids in LurchA mother describes the aberrant/regressive behavior her kids are displaying in the wake of their nanny leaving.
  • Sibling Relationships

    Sibling BabysittingIt's common to "hire" an older sibling to baby-sit a younger one. Suggest these activities to your helpful child.
  • Changing Childcare Providers

    Daycare ProblemsI suggest you and your husband make an all-out effort to leave this bad situation and find the best daycare arrangements possible.
  • Changing Childcare Providers

    Son Competes for Attention with Mom's BusinessExpert advises parent to find ways to continue to run and grow her business while establishing a different, satisfying child care arrangement for her boy.