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    Olympic Games
    Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games
    Vancouver will host the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. How much do you know about this Canadian city? ...
  • ToyHallofFame,HulaHoop
    Best Toys
    Are Your Kids' Toys Hall-of-Fame Worthy?
    Did you know there is a Toy Hall of Fame? Only 44 toys have made it into this select group. Recent inductees include childhood favorites such as the ball, Big Wheel®, and Game Boy®. Read on learn about a few other toys that are worthy of this e...
    Lindsay Hutton
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    Card Games
    Double Solitaire
    Double Solitaire Double Solitaire is the exception to the solo-game rule that we've come to learn. I had to include it, though, because it is how I learned to play Solitaire (not to mention the antics of my Solitaire-crazed parents). The object...
  • DiaryofaWimpyKidBook,comicshot
    Children's Books
    Inside the Wimpy Kid Series
    Is your child a Wimpy Kid fan? Get the scoop on the books, the author, and the feature films based on the hit series. Written by Family Education's own Jeff Kinney, these webcomics-to-books have captured the hearts of kids and adults alike. Perfe...
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    Bed Time
    Sweet Dreams! Top 10 Bedtime Stories for Children
    Getting your child to sleep at night isn't always an easy task. These children's bedtime books are full of adorable characters, imaginative illustrations, and rhyming words that are sure to lull your little one right into dreamland. Looking for m...
    Lindsay Hutton
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    Kids and Tv
    Celebrating 40 Years of Sesame Street
    According to the Sesame Street Workshop, Sesame Street was the number one show recalled by mothers of children ages 6 months to 11 years when asked to name any children's program. It's no wonder this incredibly popular and educational program has...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • Travel Games Printables
    Dots to Boxes
    Dots to boxes is a classic pencil and paper game, a perfect travel game for the whole family. ...
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    Children's Books
    Children's Books by Celebrities
    Check out these great children books written by celebrities. Looking for more? Use our Book Finder tool to search for new books for kids of all ages! Editor’s Note: We know raising kids can be hard. That’s why we’re dedicated to making you...
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    Toy Recalls
    Recent Children's Product Recalls
    Children's products are periodically recalled for healthy and safety reasons. When it comes to your kids' safety, the best defense is to stay informed. Here's a look at some of the most recent product recalls, as well as ways you can stay on top ...
  • Eight Candles and a Tree, children
    Holiday Books for All Faiths
    These books are a wonderful way for kids to learn more about their own holiday celebrations or to discover how others celebrate during the winter season. To read a more detailed description of the books, or to write reviews of them, click on the ...
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    Best Toys
    Play at Different Ages and Developmental Stages
    Play at Different Ages and Developmental Stages As your child grows, his play styles and tastes change drastically. From his first steps to his first day of preschool, it's important that the changes he experiences in himself and his surroundings...
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    Young Adult Books
    The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Quiz
    It's the fourth book in the Twilight saga, by Stephenie Meyer. How much do you know about Breaking Dawn? ...
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    Playing Online Games
    A Parent's Guide to Poptropica
    A Parent's Guide to Poptropica Since its launch in September 2007, Poptropica has been the fastest-growing online virtual world for kids. Each month, more than 6 million children around the globe explore the vibrant and constantly expanding game ...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Young Adult Books
    The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Quiz
    It's the third book and movie in the Twilight series. How much do you know about New Moon, by Stephenie Meyer? ...
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    Family Games
    Pick-Up Sticks
    Pick-Up SticksMaterials 30 wooden skewers Colored paint or felt pens black, red, blue, green, and yellow Directions To make your set of pick-up sticks, paint the ends of the skewers with the following colors: one black, three red, five blue, nine...
  • Movie,TheLittleVampire
    Halloween Fun and Activities
    Vampire Fever
    Vampires have always been popular in the media, but now it seems like the blood-sucking creatures are everywhere you turn! To make sure young eyes aren't peeping at overly scary scenes, we've provided a list of age-appropriate vampire books, TV s...
  • TwilightSeries,BookandDVDFilmCovers
    The Twilight Series: Untangled
    The Twilight series has unleashed a world-wide vampire craze and spawned a trend of vampire-related books, movies, and TV shows. You've most likely heard of, if not read, the four books, and/or seen the major motion pictures. For all the moms out...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Young Adult Books
    The Twilight Saga: New Moon Quiz
    It's the second book and movie in the Twilight series. How much do you know about New Moon, by Stephenie Meyer? ...