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    Muddied Waters
    Muddied WatersMaterials 3 clean jars Garden soil Sand Dirt Stick Directions The object of this activity is to observe how water gets muddy and clears again. Fill the jars two-thirds full of water. Drop a handful of garden soil in one, a handf...
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    Flotation Experiment
    Flotation ExperimentMaterials Bathtub or sink Lightweight objects corks, feathers, plastic lids or caps, sponges Heavier objects paper clips, pencils, buttons Directions Fill the bathtub or sink with water. Set all the objects nearby within you...
  • Summer Science for Kids, Child on beach learns about her shadow
    Summer Learning
    10 Everyday Ways to Explore Science While Having Fun
    Simple science lessons are all around us during the summer. Prevent summer brain drain in your kids with these mini science experiments and activities for children of all ages. Expand their knowledge of meteorology, zoology, botany, chemistry, an...
    Erin Dower
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    I See
    I SeeMaterials Illustrated magazines Directions Sit with your child and turn the pages of the magazine pretending to be on a mission to find a particular object or person. For example, you might look for a mother with a baby, a child playing with...
  • Dancing to Poetry Activity for Kids
    Reading Activities
    Poem Dance
    Poem DanceDirections Choose a favorite poem and read it aloud. Select a few of the ideas, words, or images in the poem and express them in movement with your child. Some ideas will suggest how to move and others will suggest a mood, feeling, or e...
  • Cork Boat Science Activity for Kids
    Science Activities
    Cork Boats
    Cork BoatsMaterials Assorted corks Straws Toothpicks Lightweight paper Directions Cut the corks in half, creating a flat underside. Cut sails from the paper and use the toothpicks as masts. Make sure to have plenty of spare dry paper sails bec...
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    Cloud Watching
    Cloud WatchingDirections Climate is an important part of a region's geographic character. On a warm and lazy afternoon, lay down in the grass with your child and watch the clouds drift across the sky. Talk about how clouds are formed (water evapo...
    Trish Kuffner, author of The Preschooler's Busy Book
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  • Bird Watching Activities
    Science Activities
    Bird-WatchingMaterials Binoculars Bird book for your area Directions Anywhere you go there will be birds. Get a book from the library to find out what kind of birds you can expect to see in your area. Birds owe their success as a species to thei...
  • Teaching Kids about Astronomy with a Telescope
    Science Activities
    All About Astronomy
    All About AstronomyMaterials Book on star constellations Directions Astronomy is the study of stars, planets, and other objects that make up the universe. Astronomers observe the sky and also ask questions like, "What are stars made of?" and "Ho...
  • Acid Rain Science Activity for Kids
    Science Activities
    Effects of Acid Rain
    Effects of Acid RainMaterials 20 seeds 2 plastic bags 2 paper towels Vinegar Water Directions Fold the paper towels so that they fit inside the plastic bags. Moisten one towel with water and the other one with a dilute solution of vinegar and wat...
  • Pictures Instead of Words Activity for Kids
    Rebus-MakingMaterials Paper Pencil Colored pens Directions You can create a letter or story using pictures and symbols instead of words. This is called a REBUS. Here are some examples: instead of "I," draw an eye instead of "can," draw a wateri...
  • Rock Candy Science Activity for Kids
    Science Activities
    Kitchen Chemistry: Rock Candy
    Kitchen Chemistry: Rock CandyMaterials Clean 1 quart glass jar with wide mouth Kite string Paper clip Pencil Sugar Boiling water Directions Fill the jar with sugar. Slowly pour the boiling water into the jar while stirring with a long-handled spo...
  • Rust Science Activity for Kids
    Science Activities
    How Does Rust Form?
    How Does Rust Form?Materials Steel wool Paper and pencil Water Shallow pan Directions Pour water into the pan until it is about one inch deep. Place the steel wool in the water. Make a chart with days one to five down the left side and the headin...
  • Raisin Bubbles Science Activity for Kids
    Science Activities
    Bouncing Raisins
    Bouncing RaisinsMaterials 6 raisins Glass tumbler Vinegar Baking soda (or Alka Seltzer tablet) Directions Pour a cup of water into the glass jar. Add one teaspoon of baking soda and stir until dissolved. Gently add one-fourth cup of vinegar and w...
  • Tinting flowers is a great experiment for kids
    Science Activities
    Flower Tinting
    Flower TintingThis is a good activity to show your child how plants drink water through their stalks and where the water goes. Materials Clear glass or vase Water Food coloring White carnation or daisyDirections Fill a clear glass or vase halfway...
    Trish Kuffner, author of The Preschooler's Busy Book
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  • Egg in a Bottle Science Activity for Kids
    Science Activities
    Bottled Egg
    Bottled EggMaterials Egg, hardboiled and in its shell Vinegar Water Milk bottle Directions Soak the egg in vinegar until the shell becomes soft. Lay the bottle on its side. Gently squeeze the soft egg through the neck of the bottle and let it sli...