• Entertainment and Activities
    Father's Day Gifts
    Bug Tie Tack
    Bug Tie TackMaterials Air-dry clay Red and black tempera paintTie tack backing (sold at most craft stores)Directions To make a tack, roll a lima bean-size piece of clay into a round ladybug body and press it securely onto the flat surface of the ...
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    Paper Crafts
    Mouse Pad Craft
    Mouse Pad CraftMaterials 9- by 12-inch piece of white craft foam Sheet of blue craft foamSheet of brown craft foamyarn glue Directions Round the corners of one short side of a 9- by 12-inch piece of white craft foam and trim the other short side ...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Planning a Wedding
    Types of Weddings
    Types of Weddings In some ways, all weddings are the same. In other ways, they may be profoundly different. Below are some examples of different sorts of weddings and some ideas about what to expect. Civil Ceremonies Civil ceremonies are usual...
  • WubbaNub Infant Pacifier
    Baby Products
    Staff Favorites: 20 Essential Products for Baby's 1st Year
    The FamilyEducation staff is made up of moms and dads like you, always on the lookout for the best products for our kids. We've come up with a list of the must-have baby products that have been essential to our young families — everything fr...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • Top Birthday Gifts for Toddlers and Preschoolers
    Best Birthday Gifts
    Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Toddlers and Preschoolers
    Finding just the right birthday gifts for children can be tough. Our list of great birthday gift ideas for toddlers and preschoolers can help. You'll find gift ideas ranging from educational gifts to pretend play toys, to activity and artistic to...
  • Outside Christmas decorations
    Christmas Activities and Traditions
    Holiday Bash on a Budget
    Holiday Bash on a Budget December, a month filled with wintry holidays, is a classic time to celebrate with friends and family. The cold outdoor temperatures and diminished daylight hours make a warm, friendly party a welcome treat. Whether you'...
    Liz Casler
  • Cinco de Mayo Fun Activities for Kids
    Entertainment and Activities
    7 Fun Cinco de Mayo Activities for Kids
    Introduce your kids to an exciting and empowering part of history with these fun Cinco de Mayo activities! What is Cinco de Mayo? Celebrated on the May 5, Cinco de Mayo commemorates the triumph of a small Mexican army over French forces in 186...
    Cara J. Stevens
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    Party Games
    Blob Race
    Blob Race Activity for a group Age group: 30-40 months Duration of activity: 20 minutes Although relay races may be too complex for young children, they will enjoy this simplified version. Divide the guests into two teams. Designate a starting a...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Party Games
    Sleeping Lions
    Sleeping Lions Activity for a group Age group: 18-40 months Duration of activity: 15 minutes You can adapt this game to meet the theme of your party. Divide the guests into two groups. One group is the lions; the other group is the safari photog...
  • Family Life
    Mother/Daughter Relationships
    A Quick Lesson for the Mother of the Bride
    A Quick Lesson for the Mother of the Bride Rachel Menke and Ryan Borland got engaged on Friday night. On Monday morning, Rachel's mom began showing signs of wedding madness. She was sitting in the rain drinking coffee with a friend at 7 A.M. wai...
  • Sleepover,SlumberParty,Campout,Kid
    Slumber Parties
    Top 10 Sleepover Party Themes
    Slumber parties can be a blast for children of all ages. The next time your child is begging to have a sleepover, make it extra special with one of these fun sleepover themes. ...
    Lindsay Hutton
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    Halloween Parties and Recipes
    Host the Perfect Halloween Party
    Host the Perfect Halloween PartyGhosts, goblins, and ghastly witches - sounds like the ideal group of party guests! Show them all a frighteningly fun time by hosting the perfect Halloween party with your children. To ensure your party is a monste...
  • Halloween Activities Printables
    Halloween Party Invitations
    Fill in and pass out these Halloween invitations to all the ghouls and goblins you want at your Halloween party. ...
  • Word Searches Printables
    Word Search: Happy Birthday!
    Look across and down to find the birthday words in this word search. ...
  • Indoor Games Printables
    Baby Shower Guessing Game
    For this easy baby shower guessing game, cut out these slips and ask shower guests to fill in their guesses about the baby's birthday, weight, and more! After the baby arrives, send a small prize to the best guesser, or just collect all the ...
  • pouch and nail polish
    Teacher Appreciation Week
    Top 10 End-of-the-Year Gifts for Teachers
    At the end of the school year, it's nice to thank your child's teachers for a job well done! Here are 10 unique teacher gifts that are sure to delight your favorite educator. Most cost under $50. Include a nice note on one of these printable tea...
    Erin Dower
  • Fathers Day gifts, shaving kit for men
    Father's Day Gifts
    Top 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas
    Looking for some Father's Day gift ideas that are sure to please Dad? Check out some classic and new gifts that will let your father know how much you love and appreciate him. Include a nice note on one of these printable Father's Day cards. ...
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    Party Games
    Family Games: Charades
    Family Games: Charades Winning Plays Charades is believed to have originated in France in the eighteenth century as a riddle game. The goal of the game was to come up with a word or phrase by trying to figure out the riddle. The riddles were giv...