• Teens
    7 New Year's Resolutions Teens Can Make
    Did your teen overhear you discussing goals for the year? Encourage him to also adopt some new year's resolutions. The key is proposing age-appropriate and realistic changes. Mention a few of these to your teen, and see what sticks!Stay Unplugge...
    Angela Tague
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    New Year's Resolutions
    10 Fun and Realistic Resolutions to Start in 2020
    To most, New Years resolutions are rarely fun and and rarely successful. This year, buck the trend of unrealistic expectations and vow to adopt one of these healthy habits for your family. They're easy to stick with and good for your health, and ...
    Lindsay Hutton
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    New Year's Resolutions
    Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Families
    Individual resolutions are easy to give up on, because they're all about you in a world where you're focused on taking care of everyone else. So, moms and families, why not try making resolutions as a group this year? See the best New Year's reso...
    Erin Dower