Top 10 (Easy) Group Costumes for Families

by: Laurie Mega
Looking for a fun -- and easy -- way to dress your whole group this Halloween? Check out our easy-to-make (or buy) group Halloween costumes!

Halloween costumes for groups always seem like a good idea, until you have to figure out an doable theme. Are you casting about for group costume ideas for your family? Look no further than our top 10. You can make these Emoji group costumeyourselves -- no sewing required -- or buy them online. We've included the links here!

1. Emojis

There's an emoji for every mood and personality, so making everyone in your group happy should be a snap. Make emoji masks yourself with some paper plates and craft paint, or buy them online.

Ninjago group costume2. Ninjago

With the release of the new Lego movie, these ninjas are going to be all over Halloween. Grab some pajamas and some fabric paint to recreate these outfits. Then, use strips of cloth to create the masks. You can also find all of the Ninjago costumes online.

3. Puzzle Pieces

If you don't mind being too cutesy (a whole family of puzzle pieces that fit together as one...awww), then this is a great and very simple costume to make. Check out our directions here.

StoryBots group costume

4. StoryBots

Parents who know StoryBots will have no problem joining their kids on this one -- and it's super easy. Just get a t-shirt in your favorite StoryBot color. (Are you a Bo or more of a Boop?) Find a matching knitted skull cap and glue on giant googly eyes. You're done!

5. PJ MasksPJ Masks Group Costume

PJ Masks all shout hooray! Store-bought costumes save the day! This cartoon is so popular, it's no sweat finding the costumes online.

6. Zombies

Zombie costumes can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Easy route: Grab some over-sized t-shirts and rip them up to look like rotting clothes from the grave. Add fake blood and you're done. From there, you can add dirt, face paint, accessories -- go nuts! If you're looking for zombie inspiration, check out our zombie costumes for the whole family.

7. Pirates

This is another costume that can get as complicated or as simple as you like. You can go full-on Pirates of the Caribbean, or you can just get some striped t-shirts, a few handkerchiefs and maybe an eye patch. A well-placed "arrrr" here and there, and you're ready to raid the neighborhood.

8. Super Heroes

Making your own super hero costume means your child can make up their own super hero. A bed sheet makes a great cape. Draw an insignia that your child comes up with on their own.Somesome felt and string become a mask. Add a belt and some wrist cuffs to complete the outfit.

9. Rainbow

If you've got a large group -- six or more -- this is as easy as it gets. Get some t-shirts or sweaters, each in a different color of the rainbow and pass them out to your family. For the full effect, try to stick together. If you want to take it to the next level, add temporary hair dye or face paint in matching colors.

Group Costume Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown10. Peanuts Ghosts

Everyone knows this motley group of ghosts. Grab some bed sheets anda Sharpie, and mark up your sheets to look like Charlie Brown, Pig Pen and the rest of the gang. You can use construction paper and some scotch tape to make Lucy's mask and witch hat.

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