• St.Patrick
    St. Patrick's Day Crafts and Activities
    St. Patrick's Day Party Planner
    You don't have to be Irish to kick up your heels and have some fun on St. Patrick's Day! Gather the wee lads and lasses and celebrate with these Irish-inspired party ideas. ...
  • Multicultural Winter Holidays Celebration
    Christmas Activities and Traditions
    Multicultural Winter Party
    Multicultural Winter PartyAs our culture becomes increasingly diverse, it's no longer appropriate to assume "the winter holidays" means Christmas. Instead of trying to decide which holiday to observe at your December party, celebrate all of them!...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Halloween Parties and Recipes
    Halloween Costume Party
    Halloween Costume Party The classic Halloween Party, a costume party, encourages even the most boring adults to find their inner children, dressing up in costumes that range from silly to spectacular. You'll Need Ingredients for each of the reci...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Holiday Parties
    Alternative Holiday Celebrations
    Alternative Holiday CelebrationsIf you're tired of throwing parties on traditional holidays, plan a party for a seldom-celebrated special day, such as one of the following (all of which are real observances!): Trivia Day (January 4)—Games night,...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Labor Day
    Labor Day Picnic
    Labor Day Picnic Although you might be tempted to spend Labor Day doing anything but labor, a picnic is a nice way to gather with friends without breaking (much of) a sweat. Instead of planning another barbecue or beach party, head for the park, ...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Fourth of July
    Independence Day Block Party
    Independence Day Block PartyEven if fireworks are illegal in your area, chances are good that at sundown, your neighbors still congregate outside, hoping to see some fire in the sky. This year, make it official with a neighborhood block party. Be...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Holiday Parties
    May Day Dessert Party
    May Day Dessert PartyTraditionally observed by dancing around a maypole or anonymously gifting someone with a basket of flowers, May Day is the perfect holiday for hosting a dessert party. Because May Day is no longer celebrated with traditional ...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    St. Patrick's Day Crafts and Activities
    St. Patrick's Day Progressive Party
    St. Patrick's Day Progressive PartyIt always seems that every bar in town has something special going on for St. Patrick's Day. This year, instead of limiting your fun to one spot, check out several by hosting a progressive party. You'll Need A c...
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