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A Cluckin' Garden in a Pot

A Cluckin' Garden in a Pot By Diana Dickinson Davisread more

Adopt a Tree

Adopt a TreeTime 20 to 30 minutes Materials TreeTape measurerPaperPencil Directions Find a tree that you both think is special and adopt it.Explore it by touch. Measure its circumference.Research its variety and particular needs for optimal growth, and devote some regular time to caring for it. Extensions read more
Grow a terrarium in a fish bowl or aquarium

Aquarium Terrarium

Aquarium TerrariumAn Imagination Station Activity Age: 8 and upTime: 2 - 3 hours or lessType of Activity: Science Materials needed: read more

Attracting Butterflies

Attracting ButterfliesTime 10 to 20 minutes Materials Garden spot that can be viewed from a windowSeeds or plants that attract butterflies such as zinnias, marigolds, asters, hollyhocks, or other purple, yellow, and orange flowers Directions read more
Baby Beans

Baby Beans

Children grow lima beans to find out about stages of growth in more

Bedding Plants

Bedding PlantsMaterials Potting soil mix Milk cartons Used pony packs or small containers Plastic wrap Assorted seeds—parsley, tomatoes, cabbage, chives, marigolds, zinnias, asters, sunflowers, squash, poppies Directions read more

Care for a Plant

Care for a PlantTime 5 to 10 minutes Materials Empty jarToothpicksWaterAn avocado seed Directions read more

Carrots and Beets

Carrots and Beets Materials Carrots or beets Shallow dish of water Small pot Potting soilDirections Cut two inches off the top of a carrot or beet. Set cut side down in a dish with half an inch of water. Change the water every one or two days. When roots appear plant your carrot or beet, cut side down, in a pot of moist soil. Set it in a sunny window and keep it wet. read more


CompostMaterials Composter Dry material like sawdust, Soil dead leaves, and dry grass Fresh kitchen scraps clippings(vegetable matter only) Shovel and/or grass clippingsDirectionsread more

Compost Tea

Compost TeaMaterials Compost Cheesecloth or burlap bag String Pail WaterDirections Have your child place about one cup of compost on a piece of cheesecloth or burlap. Tie the cheesecloth or burlap shut with string. Fill a pail with water and hang the compost bag inside the pail. Cover the pail and let it sit for a week or so. Water your plants with compost tea every few weeks to help them thrive. read more

Composting Basics

Composting BasicsMaterials Leaves Grass clippings Food scraps Potato peelings Banana skins Tea bags Worms Directions More than half the trash your family throws away could be composted to turn it back into rich, fertile soil. There are several easy ways to compost. read more

Easter Grass

Easter GrassMaterials Large Easter basket Pan, large enough to hold the basket Wheat seeds (about 1 pound) Vermiculite (about 1 pound) Plastic wrap Directionsread more

Family Gardening Tips

Family Gardening Tips Cynthia Davis Klemmer, the Children's Education Coordinator at theMassachusetts Horticultural Society, suggests these gardening activity tips for families: Start small. Window boxes or containers, because of their smallsize, can actually turn out to be rather luxurious gardens. Recycle clean bleach and milkcontainers. Cut off the tops and use them as planters.Be willing to put up with a less-than-perfect looking garden: crookedrows and weeds are more

Fruit and Veggie Plants

Fruit and Veggie PlantsMaterials Lemon, orange, grapefruit, Potting soil or earth and/or potato without lumps Knife Plastic wrap and rubber band Leakproof containers Large bucket Water Directionsread more
seed packets for a garden plan

Garden Plan

Garden PlanTime 1 to 2 hours, plus maintenance Materials Gardening toolsPaperPencilPackaged seeds Directions read more

Grass Buddy

Grass BuddyMy son made this craft early one spring and had fun cutting his grass buddy's hair for months afterward. Materials Grass seeds Styrofoam cup Old sock Spray bottle full of water Potting soil Safety scissors Waterproof markers Directionsread more

Green Onions

Green OnionsGreen onions, or scallions, are easy to grow indoors from seed and are a nice addition to salads and other dishes. Materials Leakproof container, such as a large yogurt or cottage cheese tub or a small coffee can Potting soil Green onion seeds Spray bottle full of water Directionsread more

Grow a Potato

Grow a PotatoMaterials PotatoesDirections Cut each potato into four pieces with at least two eyes per piece. Have your child plant each piece eyes-up about four inches deep. Water the plants regularly. As the potatoes grow, mound soil around them to keep them covered. Dig up your potatoes in the fall after the stems and leaves die. read more

Grow a Sunflower House!

Grow a Sunflower House! This article is brought to you in association with our partner, By Diana Dickinson Davis read more
Growing Jelly Beans

Growing Jelly Beans

Children are asked to make predictions about what will grow from "seeds" they more

Growing Peanuts

Growing PeanutsMaterials Glass or plastic container (about six inches wide and four inches deep) Potting soil or earth without lumps Sand Fresh, unroasted peanuts in the shell Water Directionsread more

Growing Plants

Growing Plants Materials Seeds Shallow dish of water Planters Potting soilDirectionsread more

Growing Pumpkins

Growing PumpkinsPumpkins need about four months to grow, so plant the seeds three to four weeks after the last spring frost. Materials Soil and compost Pumpkin seeds Compost tea Leaves or grass clippings Newspapers or straw mulchDirectionsread more

Growing Strawberries

Growing StrawberriesStrawberries are easy to grow and delicious to eat. Best of all, the plants bear fruit year after year. Materials Strawberry seedlings Compost Straw mulchDirectionsread more

Growing Sunflowers

Growing SunflowersMaterials Sunflower seeds Compost tea Compost Stakes (optional)Directionsread more