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Educational Websites

Best Learning Websites for Toddlers and Preschoolers

The Internet isn't just for big kids anymore! With many sites now available for toddlers, learning colors, numbers, and letters has never been easier. Check out our list of the best websites for kids, and find fun games, printables, and more that help make learning early skills fun. read more

Getting Books on Tape Through the Internet

Our expert recommends some helpful website for getting books on tape. read more

Homeschooling in England

Contact the Home Education Advisory Service for general homeschool information in England. There is also a website with links to support groups. read more

Introducing Your Child to the Computer: Online Games and Learning

Introducing Your Child to the Computer: Online Games and LearningIn this networked age, computer literacy is essential. Parents can start to teach computer skills to their toddlers and preschoolers by supervising them in short sessions. Internet safety is any parent's paramount concern, but there are plenty of safe websites where families can find learning resources. Interactive, online play is a great way to bolster skills in both computer use and fundamental subjects. Using the mouse to control the onscreen cursor can help to develop young children's hand-eye coordination. read more

Smart Rules of Thumb for Children's App Use

Smart Rules of Thumb for Children's App Use Just when you thought children had enough media and technology in their lives, the market for mobile applications (or "apps," as they have come to be known) has exploded. Since opening in July 2008, Apple's iTunes App Store has had billions of app downloads. How do we navigate this new technology for our kids? The following guidelines can help. read more

Top Learning Tools for Teens - 2017

Utilize a few of these learning tools for teens to help your child succeed in school. read more

Videos for Preschoolers About Safety

Though no video can replace effective parental protection, there are some recommended programs about safety that are aimed at kids. read more

What Is Cyberschooling?

Cyberschooling -- learning on the Internet -- is not separate from homeschooling, but rather one more choice available to those who choose to learn at home. read more