6 Coolest Advent Calendar Ideas for Your Family


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by: Kelly Sundstrom
The countdown to Christmas is on! Displaying an Advent calendar can become a special holiday tradition for kids and build their excitement for the big day. See our top picks from a wide range of Advent calendars in stores around the holiday season, from the classic to the unusual, and maybe even try your hand at crafting your own homemade version. Happy Holidays!
banner style Advent calendar
Banner-Style Advent Calendar
Banner-style Advent calendars might take the cake as one of the most versatile and decorative options you could buy or make. You just need a long piece of twine, yarn, heavy-weight string, or ribbon — and creativity takes care of the rest. This Advent calendar was made using felt folded into small pockets over decorative holiday ribbon. You can also use fabric glue to add pockets on to burlap triangles for a more rustic banner, or simply tie on small drawstring pouches that kids can open each day.
Photo Source: Flickr/Sarah Horrigan
Farmhouse-Style Advent Calendar
Farmhouse-Style Advent Calendar
This farmhouse-style Advent calendar not only creates excitement and joy, but also matches your home decor — a win-win! To create an Advent calendar like this, simply cut a few pieces of yarn or ribbon and secure the ends across the top of a door, armoire, cabinet, or doorway. Make pockets using scrapbook paper or burlap, and then attach the pockets to the string using craft clothespins.
Photo Source: Flickr/Claire Poisson
Drawer-Style Advent Calendar
Drawer-Style Advent Calendar
Sometimes one piece of candy just isn't enough. If this sounds like you, you might want to consider getting a drawer-style Advent calendar like this one. Choose from a smaller style that will hold a few little treats, or a larger drawer-style one for larger trinkets. Buy a plain drawer-style Advent calendar that you can decorate with any materials you like (such as contact paper, wrapping paper, yarn, ribbon, and Washi tape).
Photo Source: Flickr/Stardust Kay
LEGO Advent calendar
LEGO Advent Diorama Calendar
LEGO lovers will be thrilled to piece together this nifty Advent calendar. The LEGO City Advent Calendar allows kids to construct a 3D Advent scene complete with snowmen, Santa, gifts, and holiday decor. Better yet, your kids can even add their own LEGO characters they may already have to create a truly customized Advent scene!
Photo Source: Flickr/Andrew Van Pernis
flap style Advent calendar
Secret Flap-Style Advent Calendar
You might remember secret flap-style Advent calendars from your childhood. Well, these little beauties still exist, and they make the perfect Advent calendar for families traveling out of town for the holidays. They're also a simple option if you want to give each of your kids their own personal calendar to enjoy. Just like you might recall, the little flaps open up to reveal a delicious chocolate on each day of Advent. Sweet!
Photo Source: Flickr/Rain Rabbit
DIY advent calendar
Homemade Advent Calendar
Can't decide which calendar suits your family's fancy? Take stock of your craft supplies and recycled goods (such as mint tins, jewelry boxes, and bottle caps) and think of creative ways to turn them into a meaningful homemade Advent calender. This whimsical calendar utilizes a mint tin for each day of Advent, decorated inside using printed sayings and paper cut-outs. You can cut out pictures from last-year's holiday cards to put inside the tins, or paint a picture yourself using acrylic paint.
Photo Source: Flickr/Eclipse Etc