Earth and the Solar System: Conserving Natural Resources

Kids are asked to identify and organize a list of daily activities and the corresponding impact each one has on conservation of the Earth's natural resources. An answer key is provided.

This resource from Science Werkz: Earth & The Solar System interactive courseware is brought to you by Nodma. ScienceWerkz is the winner of the 2013 EDDIE Award for Science E-Learning Solutions in the Upper Elementary and Middle School categories. Consisting of more than 25 courseware titles that feature informative videos, animations, checkpoints, main points, concept maps, diagrams, summary questions, and interactives to encourage critical-thinking, ScienceWerkz promotes critical thinking skills while covering core topics in General Science, Chemistry, Earth Science, Life Science/Biology, and Physical Science.

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Brought to you by Nodma, this printable from ScienceWerkz: Earth and the Solar System will help middle school and elementary students understand the impact that various daily activities have on the Earth's natural resources and ecosystems.

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