McDonald's™ French Fries Costume

Follow these simple directions to create a McDonald's™ French Fries costume.

McDonald's™ French Fries Costume

Time: 1-2 hours

Effort: Easy - no sewing required


  • Foam, 2-inches thick (cream color)
  • Cardboard
  • White and yellow paint and paintbrushes
  • Red felt
  • Yellow felt
  • Shoe string
  • Red turtleneck
  • Red pants
  • Glue

Instructions: Cut two pieces of the cardboard in the shape of the front and back of the fry box. Paint the inside of the back piece with yellow and white stripes. Cover both outside areas with red felt and glue the sides and bottom together (leave top open). Cut four or five fries at varying lengths and widths from the foam and glue inside your box. Tie 2 loops onto front of the box with shoe string for the arm/shoulder straps. Cut a McDonald-shaped "M" out of the yellow felt and place in the middle of the red shirt.

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