Shakespeare Costume

Follow these simple directions to create a Shakespeare costume.

Shakespeare Costume

Time: 10 minutes

Effort: Quick and easy - no sewing required


  • Bungee pants (pants with the bungee cords at the bottom)
  • Button-down shirt
  • Doilies or ruffles
  • Safety pins
  • Puffy hat
  • Dishtowels/pillow stuffing
  • Bright tights
  • A Shakespeare book

Instructions: Put on tights. Then put on pants. Pull the legs up so they're knee length and stuff the bottoms with dishtowels or pillow stuffing. Put on the shirt and button it to the top. Carefully pin a ruffle or doily (or crinkle up some white cloth) to the top of the shirt. Pin some more ruffles on the inside of each of the sleeves; make sure the ruffles are flowing out. Put on the hat. If you're a girl, make sure your hair is hidden. Pick up the book, and you're off!

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