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Don’t just read the book: Be IN the book!

May 27,2008
Just as I was trying to figure out what to write about today, the blogger gods smiled that crazy *&$^-eating grin that I’ve come to love. An instant later, I received an email from my friend and accomplished multi-hyphenate (author-blogger-TV personality-party girl-goddess) Erika Lenkert. Google her and you’ll learn that among her zillion projects, her most recent book, The Real Deal Guide to Pregnancy hit the shelves a mere month or so ago. Turns out she’s looking for a few good parents to fill out a completely confidential survey for her next book. She’s looking for moms and dads to share some insights in the wild world of parenting.

I figure it’s probably best to let her tell you the “real deal” in her own, usually published words:

“When I became a mom I was floored by how little I'd heard about the everyday challenges that parents face while attempting to maintain a relationship and raise children. Once I joined the club and started sharing my frustrations, however, close friends freely spilled the beans and I learned that our family was not alone in our struggle to find balance and an overall sense of peace in our new roles. Their confessions got me wondering…Why aren't we openly discussing these realities so that we can support, empathize with, and help each other as we embark on one of life's most worthy challenges? Enter this new groundbreaking book (name TBD, publishing next year) that will candidly and compellingly highlight the realities of life with children.”

Some of you may be skeptical – and yes, I know some of you refuse to believe there are any such challenges to parenthood, marriage and parenthood & marriage. To you I say, "Move along; nothing to see here." For the rest of us who aren’t afraid to talk about how it can really suck from time-to-time, please know that Erika promises (and I’ll vouch for her) that she is not, or will not:

•    Phishing
•    Looking to add email addresses to her     HUGE porn database
•    Going to ask you to join her MySpace or Facebook network
•    Embarrass you by making your information public
•    Trolling for dates (At least, I don’t THINK she’s trolling for dates)
•    Something else that’s mildly funny, but Starbucks is too loud and I can’t think

Like I said – Google her and you’ll see that she’s legit. She’s beyond legit. She’s practically famous (and in these parts o’ the world, she is). Besides, she coined my favorite quote of all time shortly after the birth of her daughter: “I love having a kid; I hate being a mom.” (At least I think that was the quote. If that’s not right – don’t send any letters in protest or take it out on her.)

Frankly, I love the concept of this book. There seem to be all kinds of books about and for expectant parents – including that fabulous read, Go-to-Guides for Guys: ABCs for Expectant Dads by who? Oh, right…me – and Erika’s Real Deal Guide to Pregnancy. After the birth, most of the books seem to be about how to raise the kid, not how to stay sane and deal with the challenges that come when the newborn turns our lives into something unrecognizable. (Kind of like a wrecking ball hitting a high rise, or one of those Vegas hotel implosions.)

So, come on – get on board and tell Erika what you think! You’ll get a free copy of the book and you can tell all of your friends that you helped write the next great parenting book (until my next one comes out, that is)…

If you’re up for it, Erika just needs people to send their email address, city and state of residence, and number and age of kids to She will take care of the rest!

On behalf of my good buddy, Erika…many thanks.