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ABCs for Expectant Dads “Contest” & a slight change in direction

August 22,2008

A year or so ago, my book “Go-to Guides for Guys: ABCs for Expectant Dads” was published (by a competing publisher to my current blogging “employer”). The book has done reasonably well, has received mostly good reviews, and seems to bring a number of laugh-out-loud moments to those who have read it. So, I asked the powers that be here at if I could give a few copies away.

I know that many of the readers of the blogs are already parents and not so much expecting, but many of us have friends and family who are perhaps embarking on this journey (which has led us all to this website).

It’s gonna go like this…

For the next two weeks (starting August 25), I will give away one autographed copy of the book every day. How do you “win” one of the books? Simply by doing what you’re already used to doing – by reading and commenting. Along with the editors, we will select the “best comment” from each day. Additionally, I may include little trivia questions (like the one MommaT answered the other day). In those instances, the first one with the correct answer wins.

Additionally, I may be changing up the content a bit. I haven’t done much of this, but I may just start mixing up a bit of commentary on the happenings in the news views and reviews in the parenting world. One of the things I’ve heard repeatedly (not so much in the comments, but in email and real life) is that many of the moms appreciate a dad’s point of view (as most of the husbands aren’t all that vocal about this stuff). That isn’t to say that they agree with it. Just that they appreciate it.

That being said, I do love writing about my kid and the experiences with the K-Man, but at some point…I imagine there comes a time when might not want to read about our experiences at the park. (That being said – some of this stuff will still certainly be included.)

So, there ya have it. I so appreciate the fact that you read this stuff. Love the comments and look forward to even more. Thanks for reading. Good luck with the contest.