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Who does this law protect?

November 08,2008
This morning I read in The Arkansas Democrat Gazette that an eight-year-old boy was abandoned at a Nebraska hospital. That’s the 28th child to be abandoned since the recent establishment of a Nebraska law that allows parents to leave a child at a hospital without fear of prosecution for abandonment. They call it the Safe Haven Law. What parent walks away from their eight-year-old child!? I can’t understand it. Perhaps I can comprehend leaving an infant. I can even grasp leaving a one-year-old. But eight!? “At eight, the child is beginning to develop a subjective psychological conception of the self,” according to an about.com article. The article continues, “An eight-year-old has great courage and is very concerned with right and wrong.” An eight-year-old child needs his parents to guide him, to talk about what is right and wrong as he establishes himself in the world. “He is hungry for guidance at home, school, church, and the community.” Who does this law protect?