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When in doubt, throw it out.

August 18,2009
I am unsure of what to write about today. I wrote a sentence, and then momentarily deleted it: "My surroundings have been spinning like I am in a tornado." The spinning is of my own making. I realize there are some relationships that are better off dormant. Most everybody understands what it’s like to be actively in a relationship—friend, boyfriend, whoever—while also knowing that you’d be better off apart. But some mysterious rubber band keeps pulling the two of you back together. Just as that elastic band is looped, so are the two of you looped into the same repetitive situations, the same arguments over and over again. So I have a new quote that I am going to live by, "If like glass a relationship is shattered and spread across the kitchen floor, don’t go and get glue thinking you can put it back together. Get the broom and the dust pan; sweep it up, and throw it in the trash."