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Weak fathers

December 04,2008
On a safari tour, the tour guide pulled up next to two rhinoceros. Not only did he stop the jeep; he also turned off the ignition. The rhinos looked at us as if they recognized the tour guide and the jeep. They didn’t seem fearful or frightened; I felt timid and terrified. I swiftly slid to left of the jeep. We saw red bishops flying, waterbucks wandering and impalas grazing. The guide explained, “Weak males reproduce weak babies, and weak males shouldn’t breed.” The fold of impalas forces weak males out of the flock. A banished male begins to rebuild his strength so that he can return to the pack to fight and breed. For a moment it reminded me of the black fathers in our communities - weak males breeding weak males. We need our weak fathers to build their strength, return to the fold, and raise the offspring they’ve abandoned.