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The Truth

June 11,2009
They say, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." But freedom isn't free at all, it comes at a cost. The truth can straighten the round band of gold that binds a husband and wife together... when she confesses to being unfaithful. The truth can unravel the friendship bracelet woven together from a hundred pieces of string at camp ten years ago. Telling the truth can be terrifying. I know. The palms of my hand sweated as I stood before them. My cue cards were slightly damp, smudging the ink, smearing some of the words I had carefully written. I told the truth and I fleetingly felt free. Then he said, "You shouldn’t have said that." "But it is the truth," I said. "We do good work," he strongly emphasized. "I know," I replied, "but—" "But," he said, "I am upset." "I didn’t mean to upset you," I said, as I held back tears. At the moment, I knew the truth had tightly tied my sweating palms behind my back. He heard the truth and was hurt. Telling the truth has probably cost me camaraderie. The truth is, the truth can make you free yet confine someone else at the same time.