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Therapy and Bed Bugs

February 17,2009
I did an intake with a therapist the other day. She asked me all sorts of questions. “Have you ever had therapy before?” “Are you angry?” “Yes,” I said. “I'm irritable.” Then I asked, “Is irritable the same as being angry?” “How are your eating habits?” “Do you abuse any form of substance?” “No,” I answered. Then I asked, "Do Tylenol PMs fit into the substance category?" “Why do you want to meet with a therapist?” “I need to talk with someone who doesn't know me, someone who isn't going to give me a passage from the Bible as a remedy. And it isn't because I think scriptures don't work; I absolutely believe they do. However, I need to talk with someone who isn't going to blame my situation on not praying enough. I need to talk with someone who is here on the ground with me, walking the same soil. Someone who understands that no weapon formed against me shall prosper, but who also recognizes that weapons do form. The way out of my being in pain, grieving, or being emotionally imbalanced isn't working. If I am working and working, when do I confront what is really there? That is what we do sometimes; we work to cover up what needs to be dealt with. If you place hundreds of bugs on your mattress and then make the bed, it doesn't mean the bugs aren't there. Let's pull back the sheets and get rid of the bugs. And for me to do that, I need to talk with someone who isn't scared of removing the sheets.”