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Thank God

January 05,2009
I walked very slowly, taking baby steps, making my way to the curb. I did not want to kiss the concrete; I didn’t want to become intimate with the ground. So I tiptoed over, across, and around the ice. I got to the gate of the fence that cages one of Dudley Square’s ugliest brownstones. Sometimes I am embarrassed to have the keys. I walked up three flights of steps, my daily exercise. I unlocked a door, all the lights were off. I unlocked another door and turned the knob to my office. It was my first day back to work following the New Year. I paused for a moment. The U.S Department of Labor reported that, "In December, job losses were large and widespread across most major industry sectors." I walked into my office, put my bag on the chair, hung my coat on the back of then door, and thanked God that I have a job.