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Remember the first time...

November 26,2008
Do you remember the first time you had a crush? Or your very first boyfriend? How about your first kiss? Do you remember your first job, your first apartment, the first time you opened a bill with your name on it, and the first time you wished you still lived at home with your parents? That is how today felt for me – it was my first. Doing something for the first time comes with mixed feelings. The first kiss felt great; none of us is so sure about second base. I had to collect my strength to call him. The phone rang and he answered, using his words that will whisk you away if you let him. “Hello, ladies,” he said. Immediately, I said, “I read your executive summary and I must say I was very disappointed.” The man with many words had little to say. I continued, “The summary you submitted has nothing to do with our contractual agreement. I appreciate the work that you have done, but I would like to terminate our contract.” I felt distinctive, like Donald Trump’s hair. And with a “comb-over” of courage, I declared, “You’re fired!” It was the first time I ever fired anyone.