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The Oven is Hot

March 15,2009
“If the oven is hot, don’t touch it!” I screeched at my Sunday school class. “If I’ve been burnt and have the wound to prove the oven is hot, why would you purposely touch it?” My son runs into the kitchen to share what he thinks is very important, “Mommy, I know what Irish people eat on Saint Patrick’s Day.” He so excited about this new information, that like Tigger, his bouncy personality won’t allow him to stand still. He gets too close, and I scream in panic, “Son, be careful! The oven is hot!” Then I give him the talk about burning, pain, swelling, wet and open blisters, bright pink and red, and ugly scars. Yet the youth in my Sunday school class insisted on touching the oven for themselves because they want to know what it feels like to be burnt. All I want young people to do think about is every possible outcome before they reach for the heat.