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As my vacation ends...

August 14,2009
I’ve been on vacation from work all week. It’s rare that I find the time to be alone. This week I thought about . . . . . . President Obama’s health care plan. Why is it wrong to help those in need? And why must kindness be meanly labeled as "socialism?" . . . whatever happened to people’s empathy for the poor? . . . traumatic injuries and how they scar the brain; the reason most my boys are who they are. . . . my friends, my inner circle, and wondered if they are the right people. . . . God and how disappointed He must be in me for being clumsy, for constantly tripping over my own foot. . . . Eunice Kennedy Shiver. I imagined leaving a legacy like hers, one that lives beyond a life time, which makes a difference beyond my reach. I loved every moment of being alone with me.