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My Superhero

July 29,2009
Last night I dreamed about my grandmother. She stood in a courtroom, wearing the white hospital gown that she wore on her sickbed. Although still weak in body, her eyes were strong and powerful. On a bench sat my two sisters, my little brother, two cousins, and me. She turned toward us. She said, "Your honor, I’ll take them." She was like a superhero -- Superman or even Batman -- always to the rescue, saving us from one catastrophe after another. Imagine what would have happened if Superman hadn’t stopped the nuclear missile; or if Batman had failed to protect Gotham City. Comic book superheroes transcend time, becoming idols for generations of children. Because of Superman, kids are inspired to become caring pilots. Because of Batman, kids are inspired to design the cars to which we trust our families. What would become of us if we didn’t know of stories and heroes who suggest that we can save the world? Like Superman and Batman, she was supposed to live forever.