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My son, the blogger and President-to-be

February 18,2009
When I came home from work, my son stood at the front door with a red notebook in his hand. "I am a blogger, Mommy,” he announced. “Do you want to read it?" I really just wanted to first get in the door, undress, and get relaxed, but…. “Let me see,” I said. He had a few entries. There was one about his bed, one about lunch, and the one I want to share. It is entitled, "My President." "When I become the president I will tell people to have a bubble gum machine in every place at home so you won't be so hungry. And I'll take Martin Luther King's speech and do it over. And I'll do it." He closes the entry with a drawing of him behind a podium, balloons above, and he’s saying, "I have a dream.”